Sketching Japan

Hi Calgary Sketchers!

I am lucky to be in Japan with a sketchbook.

We took a cruise ship around Japan and stopped in port cities on the way and I attempted to bring back a sketch from each docking.

Ishinomaki  was known for its Manga founder but is now forever linked to the 2011 tsunami that swept away thousands of it people. It remains a testament to resilience and lingering sadness.


Hakodate lies on the south tip of the northern island of Hokkaido. The red brick warehouses were built shortly after the imperial government opened up Japan to trade with the world.


Akita is also known for the dog breed of the same name.


Busan is in Korea, is a colourful place  full of sketching opportunities but I only had time to this one from the ship’s deck before we left.


Kagoshima lies on the south end of the main island of Honshu next to a quietly smoking volcano.



This one is from Yokohama, the red brick warehouses built after the Meiji restoration with steel beams made in England. They were setting up a massive Oktoberfest facility which sadly I will miss.


More to come I hope, typhoon is coming, keep sketching!