Inglewood Bird Sanctuary


We had a beautiful afternoon to sketch the Colonel James Walker home on the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary grounds. As it turns out, Colonel Walker called his beautiful home, ‘Inglewood’ and that is where the community derives its name. Who knew?

We were six in total, including Simone, our youngest member, a lovely nine year old who loves to sketch and accompanied her Dad, Matteo, who is also a recent addition to our ranks. Welcome to you both. oh, and thanks, Jeff, for holding my work so that I could hold the camera.


Heritage Heaven


After three years living and working in the Calgary area, I finally discovered Heritage Village Park in the city’s south end. I jumped in with both feet and took an annual pass to avoid having to pay parking and lining up every time I want to visit. I am so glad I did. This is a sketcher’s dream. Classic old houses and business from years past, old style costumes and vehicles all over town, and this train that runs a circuit all day, affording the opportunity to jump bac\k and forth on this 100+ acre treasure of a site.

The train doesn’t spend too long sitting still, but that’s alright. If you don’t finish your sketch, grab a coffee and’ relax in the shade. You can pick it up when it returns to exactly the same spot in 35 minutes.



1st Baptist Sketch Walk

D8AA99F7-7ADC-494B-821C-EBFA30C11338There we were, lined up on the welcome wall of Central Memorial Park, kitty-corner from 1sr Baptist. It was a lovely shady area, and except for the little green (unidentified) bugs that kept dropping onto our workspace (and probably our hair), it was the perfect sketch meet. Norman, an interested visitor was there as well, but backed up when I took out the photo phone. I was there too, on the side of the camera I prefer.