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Sketching Toronto


Toronto City Hall is an iconic symbol of the city and the large square in front presents a comfortable venue to sketch with plenty of food vendors and coffee.


Art galleries and museums offer many opportunities to sketch in relative comfort.

The Art Gallery of Ontario has a large and diverse collection of art including a gallery dedicated to these Henry Moore plaster casts.88A72876-FB93-4AF8-AF28-6CC7F6F4ADB2


This painting is an example of Italian baroque style feature by realism and the use of intenselight and shadow.. I tried to capture some of that.


I saw the tower of this building from a distance and thought it was a bank but it turns out this combination of art deco and gothic revival is a government office building. The progressive set backs, the strong vertical elements and the many statues ( 12 I think ) all carved in stone give it  a romantic era monumental and sculpural quality.



Toronto has a lot of historic structures and I hope tosketch more of them someday,



In the shadow of Tom Thomson

Sketched this at the Parry Sound town dock a week ago, then finished the washes back at the cottage… I used a larger format than I usually do, allowing more detail.

Apparently the largest trestle east of the Rockies, and important at the time due to the booming timber industry. Tom Tomson drew the same view in 1914, after paddling up from Go Home Bay. The lumber mills that he saw  burned down shortly after… (see below; it should be obvious which one is his!)

I used to fish near this spot when we lived here in 1963 (As always, I rarely caught anything…).


Its never boring on the train! I manage to find interesting subjects to draw everyday. Another bunch of characters, captured in sketches over the past few weeks.


Calgary Urban Sketching Workshops

For the last 4 Saturdays I have participated in an Urban Sketching Workshop facilitated by Mark Vazques-Mackay and his wife Carmen.  Each day starts with a quick lesson from Mark, followed by plenty of individual instruction and attention throughout the day.

Here is a sampling of some of my sketches.

Week 1 – Sketching in a back alley in Kensington
Lougheed House
Week 2 – Inside Lougheed House



Week 2 – Outside Lougheed House
Week 3 – View from Bell Studio – Container Park
Week 3 – People Sketching at Bell Studio
Week 4 – From Plus 15 overlooking 1 ST SE

The next 4 lessons are Deep Skylines and Cityscapes in Bridgeland, Quick Capturing of Urban Organic Structures in West Village, Historic Buildings of Inglewood with Texture and Tone, and finally Mark Making in Industrial Ramsey.   It has been a blast, and I have learned so much.  If you wish to join us you can contact Mark thru his website Studio Vazquez-Mackay.