Sketch Walk #1


Finally, the weather settled down and we were able to get out on a Sketch Walk. Six of us gathered around the Dr, Carl Safran Center downtown in the Beltine. This 100+ year old beauty was certainly a challenge to sketch in the time we spent there but was worth the effort.


There were indeed six or us, but hey, someone had to take the photo, and the selfie I took with all six of us showing was less than adequate. I’m not used to taking photos in bright sunshine. For the next Sketch Walk, stay tuned and keep checking the events page.



In the Mountains

I the centre of Banff, where I am fortunate enough to go for a conference every year stands St. Paul’s, a lovely little church in the heart of this tourist Mecca. It’s appearance in the sketch doesn’t show the reality of its location, but it does represent the way it looks from across the street where I was standing, on the sidewalk outside some to the busiest shops in Banff, not to mention the double doors into the food venues, from which spill out hundreds of tourists every minute or so.

I meanged to get a rough sketch done without being trampled and with the help of a photo, added some of the details and colours when I was back in the hotel.D47A9339-4E6B-4281-9FA2-912F9E5A9723

Recent Sketches

With the warm weather it has been great to get back outside with sketchbook in hand. Calgary has a wealth of highly articulated historic buildings and I get much satisfaction in capturing some of their details.

First Baptist Church on 13th Avenue and Fourth St.  S.W. has a mix of red brick and carved sandstone. I sat across the street in Central Park. Sketch Alert! There is a nice outdoor coffee shop in the park.image

When it was cold outside there was opportunity for people sketching in our weekly Calgarysketchbooker’s Meetup in Starbucks.


Something a little different!


The Dr. Carl Safran Centre is a beautiful sandstone building, built in 1908 as a high school. On the west side there is a park with lots of benches and stone topped tables which provide a comfortable place to sit and sketch.


We shall meet here on Saturday May 12 at 1:30 P.M. for our first sketch walk. 

930 13th Avenue S.W – hope to see you there!


An Old Friend Re-visited

Some years ago, I spotted this great old barn just off the highway on Vancouver Island. At the time, my favoured medium was photography and the photo I took that day has been one of my favourites ever since.

A few weeks back, I began to create a sketch from that photo but stopped myself, realizing that since I was travelling out to the Island for about ten days for a little R & R, the opportunity was there to stop by and complete a live sketch of an old friend.7B1F5DFC-A61B-4F7E-A5E1-7D8722BC77C0