South Africa

Hello Everyone

South Africa is a lovely country to visit, especially as they don’t have any of this white stuff on the ground.  I only completed 2 longer sketches, as we were on the move quite a bit.  But……


…I purchased an accordion sketchbook, and did a 20 – 30 minute sketch each day, without fail.  I used colored felt tip pens, a different color for each sketch.  I have included some of my favorites.  For some sketches, I used two pages.

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Old Dominion Bridge Building

Great location! Thanks for setting it up. Ramsay has really scrubbed up over the last few years…

I’m still trying to do “fast and loose”. It isn’t working yet, but might,C3E699FE-0746-4CB3-8139-45DBD14574D0 given a few years practice. I sketched this outside in about 3 min, then painted it in Rosso’s. It wasn’t until we left that I realized I had forgotten the windows. I’m still too timid with the colours, that dried way lighter than I wanted. Looks more like Italy than Calgary. Oh well… next time!

Peter Clapham Sheppard

I thought that some of our Urban Sketchers would find this article from last weekend’s Globe and Mail interesting…

Peter Clapham Sheppard was an urban painter who was eclipsed by the Group of Seven in his day, when the movement towards the natural was highly popular. He died in relative obscurity. However, as society has become urbanized, his urban paintings are increasing in popularity and value…

As a side note, I often walked down Elizabeth Street as a student, and still do from time to time when visiting Toronto. By memory, some of the pictured buildings are still there.


Wallace Residence

On Sat. Nov. 1 I went to the Wallace Residence, a building recently designated a City-Wide Historic Resource by the Calgary Heritage Authority. This house is located in Bowness, and was once part of ‘Bowness Estates’ an upscale community designed by John Hextall in 1911. All by myself, I was only brave enough to do a very quick sketch in front of the house; but I took some photos and finished my pages at home.IMG_3602IMG_E3638 (1)IMG_E3643IMG_E3642

From the ground

I went for a street view of the Sunalta station. Less wind at ground level, but always looking up with some tricky angles. I also used a larger sketchbook to try to capture extra details, 8-1/2 by 11 inches laid flat for 17 x 11 inches. I did the pencil sketch on site, and inked the lines and added washes at home. I added the train afterwards from a photo I took on site.

Inbound approaching Sunalta cropped

Public opening of the new Central Library!

I suspect that this will become an regular haunt for Urban Sketchers this winter…

With free public transit all day, and non stop media coverage, I knew where I was headed this morning. What a buzz, and what an incredible library! Super modern, digital, and full of interesting spaces to read, research, study, and just hang around. Spectacular views of the East Village and city. I’m very impressed!

There is till time to for the rest of you to make it!