September Sketchule is posted 🎨

See Events for Sketchers tab on this website for more details

COVID-19 is making it challenging for sketching this winter☹ I need your help with…..

  • New or past indoor locations where we can safely social distance during and after the sketch
  • Sketching from your car locations
  • Edmonton USk have an interesting idea where they have weekend themes/prompts, IE two weeks ago it was gates/fences/doorways. This week the suggestion is to change your usual sketching tools (switch to something you don’t normally use). They do follow the manifesto that we draw on location, indoors or out, capturing what we see from direct observation.
  • Out of the box ideas. (Heads up, if you are interested in a Zoom or any other online format event you will be the host. I will assist you in scheduling and posting only🙂)

Comment here or email me at

Thank you!!!!! in advance.

More Chinatown!


IMG_7611The Ho Lem Block’s brickwork caught my eye, especially the fully rounded arch. Its a humble structure built in 1911, scroll right to see its history.
I took extra time at home to do the signage and calligraphy. Its a little tedious but I like to do the details, I think it’s important!

q0KmCFwERGaRYYobfJ8IcA_thumb_7688The colourful and decorative architectural steel elements converted a 1970’s era office building with its angled walls and windows into an iconic landmark building.
The interior atrium is delightfully asian in shops and products.
We attended Chinese New Year banquets, weddings and hot pot dinners in the third floor Regency Palace restaurant.


I sat down to draw a building but ended up trying to capture the activity on the sidewalk in front of the building. I think this is Calgary’s only sidewalk market stall!!
The Chinese National League building was erected in 1954 although the league had been around much longer.
Sun Yat Sen was hosted by the League in 1911 during a visit to Calgary on a North American fund raising tour.


View along Centre St.
Never would have noticed the remnants of house roofs behind and above the store fronts housing the Wong Affinity Association.


These elderly ladies have been selling vegetables and some odds and ends on this patch of sidewalk for at least a couple of years.
I tried to sketch surreptitiously while sitting on a bench facing the street.
Pencil and watercolour!


The brick moon-gate!
This modest structure has been a landmark for decades. I have walked through it maybe a hundred times. Sitting in the shade at 26 degrees was a pleasant sketching activity.

Happy sketching!



Heritage Park Boat Launch

Thursday, August 27 18:00 – 20:00

Sketch the boats out on Glenmore Reservoir, or those moored in the marina, or where they are stored.

Start sketching right away, we will not meet at the start. Feel free to arrive early. We will meet up at the 8 pm to share sketches in the grassed area of the traffic circle just north of the boat ramp.

Location: As you head into Heritage Park off 14 ST SW stay to your left along the reservoir, do not go into the parking lot on the right. The road will eventually take you to a traffic circle. Here you will see a lot where the boats are stored (north side) and the boat launch (south side). I am unsure of parking in the immediate area, but you can park in the Heritage Park Parking Lot or the at the entrance off 14 St. I am not sure of fees for these two locations. If you get lucky there is a free parking lot on the south side of the road to the launch area.

Don’t forget your masks, as it may be hard to social distance.

Inclement weather: Event will be cancelled and not be rescheduled.

Please stay home if you feel unwell, uncomfortable or are exhibiting any symptoms.

Sketch Outing: Mount Royal University Outdoor Campus

Great showing considering temperatures were to rise to +30☀🌡 Thank you Pam M for identifying all the great places to sketch😊. We had sketchers all over the campus! Like SAIT, it was pretty sad to see no students around and not feel that high energy buzz, but it was nice to see some families taking in the park areas. Some of us enjoyed a cold beverage and great food afterwards at Spot On Kitchen & Bar. 🍺🍔🍕🌮🥗

The next sketch outing is Thursday, August 27 (6-8pm) at the Heritage Park Boat Launch, 8003 14 St SW. I will post here and on Facebook  with more details. In the meantime see Events for Sketchers tab on this website.

Sketches for September will be posted in the next couple of weeks. They will include St Paul’s Anglican Church on MacLeod Trail, Crossroads Market, from the parking lot, and Edworthy Park.

I am looking for ideas for winter sketching, inside and out. Please forward to me either in the comments, or to my email address, which is on the main page, or talk to me at future sketch outings.

Stay well and safe!

Mount Royal University Outdoor Campus

Sunday, August 16 10:30 – 13:00

Start sketching right away, we will not meet at the start.
At 1:00 we will meet at the Two Chairs Sculpture near Lot 2.

Pam MacQuarrie has identified great spots to sketch on the campus grounds.
Wyckham House (Student Center), East & West Entrances have interesting modern architecture, Two Chairs Sculpture will test your talents, TransCanada Amphitheatre with pond and grassed steps will prepare you for trips to Europe, and finally there are several Gardens with sculptures to explore.

Search for Mount Royal College on Google Maps to get yourself oriented.

Here is the parking lot map:
Note: Mount Royal Circle road is barricaded so as to prevent cut-through traffic.

Below is what is posted on the main Transportation and Parking Page. Please double check prior to arriving.

On-Campus Parking Information:
Lot 2 at the West Gate entrance is accessible during weekdays and weekends. All other lots are closed until further notice. If you have to come to campus for any reason, you will not be charged to park. We are asking people to not gather in parking lots.

Please select GOING so members can see how many are attending. Don’t forget your masks, as it may be hard to social distance.

Inclement weather: Event will be cancelled & a new site will be picked for August 22.

Please stay home if you feel unwell, uncomfortable or are exhibiting any symptoms.

1st Annual Road Trip: Black Diamond

What a beautiful day! Lucky 13, and lucky we were. Vales Greenhouse showed off for us, and mother nature gave us blue skies. If we go back, put this in your calendar. Lovely gardens, such variety of plants, ornaments, seating and buildings. A wealth of color. A feast for the sketcher. Katrina, the owner, was very welcoming, and would love to have us back.

We sketched at Vales in the morning, did a photo op, then went into town for lunch. Some sketched inside Marvs, some sketched the buildings on Centre Av, and others went back to Vales. Four of us made it to 3:30. Welcome to Lorraine and Kevin.

And yes that is a banana tree!!!

Next week we meet at the Mount Royal University Campus. Sunday, August 16. 10:30 to 13:00.  I will post here and on Facebook  with more details. In the meantime see Events for Sketchers tab on this website.

Thanks again Janice for your help to pull this together.😊

Stay well and safe!

Morning Sketches
Afternoon Sketches

1st (?) Annual Road Trip – Black Diamond

August 9, Sunday: 09:30 – approx 16:00

We would like everyone to meet at Vales Greenhouse (Vales) Parking Lot at 9:30. It is here we will get a head count, discuss the day, and decide where and when to meet at the end of the day. Janice will also give you ideas on what to sketch in Black Diamond.

A TENTATIVE SCHEDULE could be to sketch at Vales first, take a lunch break, then sketch downtown, with Marv’s Classic Soda Shop being the highlight. This may be where you/we have lunch. Then at the end of the day meet for a photo op and give us feedback about the day.

Be prepared to stay as late as 4 if you plan to stay the day. Or come and go as you please. Always, always, make it your day!

Huge THANK YOU to Jancie for pulling this together!!

Search for Vales Greenhouse on Google Maps to get directions and travel time. From my home in Edgemont it is an hour drive. Note that this is not a secure website.

If you do not have Facebook, please comment below if you are going so we know how many are attending. If you have Facebook, please select GOING on the event page. Don’t forget your masks, as it may be hard to social distance, especially in Marv’s. As noted by Janice, masks are not mandatory as of this posting in Black Diamond.

Inclement weather: Event will be cancelled & not be rescheduled.

Please stay home if you feel unwell, uncomfortable or are exhibiting any symptoms.

Black Diamond Road Trip – Date Change & Info

Date has been moved to Aug 9, Sunday

Date in Event of Sketchers tab will be updated Tuesday. Sketch Details will be posted mid week here and on Facebook.

This is our first road trip, so be patient as we are organizing on the fly. You can make this an all day event or come and go as you please. Two highlights will be Vales Green House and Marvs Classic Soda Shop/Black Diamond Main Street. No times have been set yet. We are thinking we will have an organized start by meeting at Vales Green House parking lot in the morning. Depending on the weather, you are welcome to start your day at Marvs/Main Street and not come to Vales first. When at Marvs you will be expected to order something to sit and sketch. We are thinking we will meet at the end of the day in Vales parking lot. How you want to break up your day will be up to you. Maybe some decisions can be made when we meet in the morning.

We are getting a count on who is going, and who is leaning towards going on Facebook. If you don’t have Facebook, please comment below which is true for you.

  • I am going.
  • I have not decided yet, but I am leaning towards going.

Stay cool, and safe.

Sketching Historical Trinity Lutheran Church

2020/07/28 – Tuesday Evening

Man that was hot 😎🌞 Accuweather tells me it was 29 Celsius, my car told me it was 31 Celsius. To top it off, very little breeze. Despite this, 11 souls found some shade, and hunkered down to sketch. Some sketched from the perimeter of the church, and some sketched from the churches garden. Fabulous work by all. This church was founded in 1899, and has been a cornerstone of the Eau Claire and downtown Calgary communities for over 100 years. 

We will meet again August 8. Road trip to Black Diamond! Janice Butterworth has kindly offered to host this event. She is working out the details, which will be posted here and on Facebook in the coming weeks. In the meantime see Events for Sketchers tab on this website.

Have a fabulous August long weekend. Stay well and safe, and see you soon!

Reader Rock Garden and Union Cemetery Outing

It was the perfect summer day, a warm sun in the open parts of the cemetery and delightfully cool spots in the lush vegetation and babbling water of the garden.

Members of the Calgary Association of Lifelong Learners joined in the activity with their sketchbooks.

This was my first time. The garden is amazing!


Many tombstones are carved from sandstone. Sadly they are eroding and will likely disappear in time. I focussed on the grave stone of Cordelia who’s inscription is still readable.


There are many more.


Our next sketchcrawl is Tuesday July 28 in the evening from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the Historic Trinity Lutheran Church, 840 3 Ave SW.

See you then!! Rod