A house at Crescent Heights

Crescent Heights has a wonderful overview of downtown Calgary from across the Bow River.

I thought I would draw a wonderful vista of the downtown on Tuesday night, but when I got there I was somewhat overwhelmed by what I saw. I settled for a sketch of a beautiful brick and frame house at the end of the block. It took about 30 minutes to rough in the pencil sketch, then another 30 to ink in most of the lines, and then I had to stop for the night. As an instructor once told me, “the mind can’t absorb what the butt can’t endure.” I finished the lines this morning and then the watercolour washes later today.

This was in a 5-1/2″ by 8″ sketchbook.

House at Crescent Heights

Pathetic Fallacy

From high school Shakespeare, pathetic fallacy occurs when the elements reflect the mood of the character…

I walked past the shuttered General Electric plant in Peterborough just as a storm approached. GE bought the 100 year old company that employed me for 28 years (Baker Hughes), stripped the cash and put the remainder up for sale. A dark subject to sketch; I expect there are restless ghosts on the shop floor…

Sketching on the fly…

Just spent a couple of weeks in Peterborough and the Kawarthas. A ton of great old buildings and streetscapes; we could have filled six months worth of meetings and not covered it all…

For the first time I tried some twenty minute sketches; I have seen a number of our group doing them, but I’ve never had the courage. These were dashed off in a few minutes, then quickly coloured later. Really challenging with strange shapes and perspectives-some winners and losers!

Calgary Marathon on Sunday May 26

Just realized the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon is happening on Sunday May 26. It starts and ends at the Stampede grounds and goes out to Bowness. The marathon will cross the Bow using the Zoo bridge to Inglewood, Centre Street, and 14th St W, will use Memorial Drive and will pass through the Beltline along 11th Ave S. This may make it difficult for some to reach Barb Scott park (our next sketching location) on Sunday morning.

More information¬† can be found by searching on “Scotiabank Calgary Marathon.”