From the new Brookfield building

From Saturday Jan 19: I sketched the Central United Church in downtown Calgary from the second floor of the Brookfield building. Trying to get the proportions correct, I spent almost the whole time measuring with my 2H pencil and scratching in some construction lines on my sketchbook page.

I inked  the lines the next day at home, and added watercolours yesterday. I tried adding shadows by adding the complement of the sandstone yellow.


central united church 2019-01-19 cmprsd

The Brookies


Ten of us spread out across Brookfield Place last Saturday, sketching a variety of views, some inside and others outside the floor to ceiling windows. Thanks to Jeff for checking beforehand and getting permission for us to be there. Apparently one security person challenged our presence but when he went to verify our diplomatic status was never seen again. It was a good time and a prolonged coffee time at the nearby Starbucks was particularly enjoyable.  I’m sure even more finished works will show up on this Home page, but in the meantime, here are the unfinished Beauties from the Brook.


Struggling with Winter

Well, struggling to capture the idea of winter, while looking through glass from a warm room!

The first sketch was done at Foothills Hospital, with steam blurring most of the horizon.

The second, from Brookfield Place during last weekend’s USK get together… Great conversation afterwards-I really enjoyed it. Not sure when we will be getting together next. Regardless, I will probably go sketching over the next few days if anyone else wants to join me, and we can get a message out.



How Lucky Are We?

What an incredible gift we have as urban sketchers. We have been to our new Central Library numerous times now and have barely scratched the surface of opportunities and subject matter. Whether it’s something within this amazing architectural wonder or something outside, viewed from one of its hundreds of windowed vantage points.

Today, ten of us explored its nooks, crannies, open spaces and levels, and every one of us sketched something different. What a treasure this place is!

Plus 15 Fun

What a great vantage point on we had last Saturday, sketching the tower in one direction and a great colonial clock in the other from a perch in the Plus 15. Having checked with authorities, we have determined that sketching in the Plus 15 is fine as long as we do not interfere with the flow of pedestrian traffic. We have also learned, however, that chairs are not permitted. Not sure about stools. So here we were…nine artists and my hand make ten.

Colonial Buildings in Adelaide

There are thousands of colonial buildings left in Australia, dating 1820-1920. The architecture is a unique blend of Victorian extravagance combined with practical wide verandas adopted from India, where many of the troops and diplomats were stationed. Almost all are protected by the National Trust or local bylaws. Entire streets and some neighborhoods retain their original streetscapes…

For some of these sketches it was over 40 degrees C! Fortunately, there is no shortage of outdoor cafes and bars.