About Us

We are pleased and proud to be an official chapter of the international urban sketcher organization, having been authorized in July, 2018. As such, we adhere to the Mission and Manifesto as they are reprinted on this site.  Any artist who is willing to honour those principles can apply for membership in our group and, if accepted, will be granted the ability to blog and post samples of their work on this site. There is never a charge for this and we welcome artists to use the Contact Us page to make a request.

Our History

We began as a group of artists who found each other while gathering together in Calgary. Each Sunday a group of 6 to 12 artists of diverse talents and mediums meet for a couple of hours in one of a variety of locations to share our drawings, paintings, sketches and electronic creations and to ply our craft in the company of the like minded.

Following many discussions over the past few months of 2017, a group of Calgary’s urban sketchers expressed interest in applying to become a local chapter of the Urban Sketcher international group. In February of 2018, we began this site and applied for chapter status.