Events for Sketchers

Back to School


On November12th, Rod and Peter went back to Grade 3 to see if they could get it right. Actually, they had the pleasure of meeting up with the teachers and students of the City Hall School and, after sharing a few sketching ideas and pictures with the students, got to spend time sketching with the the boys and girls at the incredible new Central Library.

And so, we are really excited, Rod and I, and hopefully all of you to go back to the library next Saturday, November 17 at 11:00a.m. The library is an absolute wonder, affording views of the downtown buildings and businesses through multiple floor to ceiling window spaces. It is a hive of activity and yet, when we were there with the children, we still managed to find ample room to sit and sketch. A small stool is an excellent idea if you have one. I suggest we meet at the coffee shop, which I couldn’t possibly direct you to, but if you wind your way up the ramp at the edges of the building, you will find it.


Bad News/Good News

Hello all. The bad news is that I have been so crazy busy that I haven’t come up with a sketch site for us this week. Fortunately, this weekend is the end of the stuff that has occupied my time so completely. If Jeff or Rod have a site in mind at this eleventh hour, they could put it up quickly for all who could make it.


The Good News is that I have contacted the manager of Rosso’s (my son, Jason) and he will arrange with the Rosso’s, Ramsay to expect us there on November 10th. He says that we will have plenty of room there and it should be an interesting spot. One of our group mentioned that a two week schedule through the winter might be more manageable, so we may want to discuss that over coffee on the 10th. Meanwhile, even if we aren’t together, KEEP SKETCHING! Sketch your kitchen, your cat, your garage or those pesky neighbours. And I will see you at Rosso’s on the 10th of November at 11:00 am. 803 24th Ave SE.


Sunalta LRT Station

Let’s face it. The last C-train station sketching was a monumental architectural task. So hey, why not do it again. The Sunalta raised station affords more options for views and angles than the Kerby station did, as evidenced by the photos. And it looks like this may be our last chance at an outdoor gathering until next spring (except for possible surprise Chinooks). I hope for a really good turnout so that we can get the creative group shot that will want when they do a feature on us. 11:00 on Saturday, Oct.27. Hope to see you there! I finally have a Saturday!


 The Rundle Ruins 932 – 12 Ave SE

As much as it pains me to suggest it, since I have to be away for a few more Saturdays, I think this warm spell of weather might just be perfect for sketching the ruins of this early hospital. It is one of the earliest examples of the sandstone buildings that were once so prevalent in Calgary’s early days.

Bring coffee with you if you want it because it is some distance to the nearest venders of any description. Great subject, though. 11:00 am at the Rundle Ruin site on Saturday, the 20th of October “IN THE SUNSHINE!”

The Pause that (hopefully) Refreshes

The past two attempts at sketching events have proved to be less than successful, due  either to bad weather or closed venues and so, we are taking a break this week, especially since so many of our number are away. However, it looks like Fall is on its way back. The forecast for next week is looking great for at least one more outdoor session, maybe more, so keep checking back for the October 20 location. I think most folks will be back by then so we are hoping for a great turnout.

The Bow Lobby

So, I have no idea whether anyone gathered at the library last week. I am quite sure, however, that following the 30 -40 cm dump of winter we experienced on October 1st, that our days of outdoor sketching are either over, or extremely limited.  I am suggesting, therefore, that we gather on Saturday, October 6 at 11:00 am in the lobby of the Bow building. There are food and coffee services available and opportunities to sketch inside as well as a varied selection of views of the outside. From the upper mezzanine level, you might want to sit, sip, and sketch whatever captures your eye. It is also connected to the +15 system for either access or escape. Hope to see you there.


Memorial Park Library

Saturday, September 29th at 11am near the front (East) entrance. With all three of the USk admins unable to make this weekend, we needed to come up with a plan for a chilly and potentially rainy Saturday. I chose this spot because the brave/bundled among you can sketch the beautiful fall colours of Central Memorial Park or the heritage building that is the library itself from the outside. The inside has a number of lovely architectural details and a great vantage on the west side looking onto the park. This will likely be the perfect weekend for autumn foliage in Calgary, so I hope everyone can take advantage! I have spoken with one of the librarians there, and we shouldn’t expect any issues like we experienced last week at Gulf Canada Square. They simply asked us to be quiet and requested we not photograph any of the patrons. There are a number of cafes nearby to grab a coffee before or after, and they offer weekend tours of the building as well, if anyone is interested in learning more of its history. Happy sketching! I’ll be sad to miss it.

Image result for memorial park library fall
From the Alberta Heritage Register: The heritage value of the Memorial Park Library lies chiefly in its status as the first major public library building built in Alberta. The building also stands as an exquisite example of a classically-inspired public building of the Edwardian era, within a carefully planned landscape environment.

Image result for memorial park library fall Image result for memorial park library fall

Yikes! It’s Thursday.

Okay, so here’s the deal. Jeff was going to look into the Music Center as a possible location for Saturday, but I haven’t heard from him. I know a book store visit is coming up but that’s a little later. This week, we have several people away, including me so numbers will be down. That, however, is not a reason for us not to sketch. So, I’m passing the mantle to Jeff who, as one of the Administrators is quite capable of posting a location on this page for two days from now. C’mon Jeffie! Find us a spot.

Gulf Canada Square

On Saturday, September 22, let’s meet inside Gulf Canada Square at 11:00. There is a beautiful interior if it is cold or wet, including views from the +15 upper level. Outside is a CPR engine and the locale affords us numerous opportunities that we can decide on the spot.



Working on our Core

Now that the weather is the ‘wild card’ in planning our sketching events, I think we need to be prepared for ‘in’ and ‘out’ options every week. So, with the completion of renovations to the Devonian Gardens, that indoor oasis on the 4th floor of the CORE shopping centre, I thought we could meet there, grab a coffee and decide whether we want to brave the elements on Stephen Avenue, the modern architecture surrounding Bankers Hall, or sketch one of the myriad perspectives of the gardens or the Core itself.

So, we meet at 11:00 am, Saturday, September 15, on the 4th floor at the garden end. Hope to see you there! We have been having great numbers. Let’s keep it up.


Back Alley Challenge

Okay, ask yourself, “When was the last time I spent some quality time hanging out amongst the dumpsters in a back alley?” Most of us would probably say, “Never!” But for one of our members (name withheld to protect the guilty), her answer would be, “When I took a ‘Calgary Back Alley Tour.”

So, you guessed it, that’s where we’re headed, next Saturday, September 8th. There is an alley behind the Palomino Smokehouse that has some real character to it and any number of perspectives you might want to explore. The facades of so many city buildings often cloak all manner of original construction materials that for me define ‘Urban.’

So, weather permitting, gather at the corner parking lot just east of Palominos at 11:00am and then we’ll make our way into the alley.


Once in the alley, there is a variety of angles to choose from. You may want to use the alley walls to bracket a focus on the Bay at one end or the Hyatt on the other. Or, you might want to do a close up of some of the great texture of mottled stone or crumbling brick. Any of the choices will surely increase you repertoire of subject matter.



                      ………………………………………………..                    …………………………………………


Oddfellow’s Hall (Chamber of Commerce) 517 Centre St. SW

For those of us, for whom the Labour Day weekend does not include leaving the Calgary precincts for some exotic, exciting getaway, a sketch walk presents another opportunity to get together and do what we love to do before the weather prevents us from doing it so easily. So, for those resigned to a Calgary staycation on SATURDAY September 1st, I am suggesting we gather at 11:00 am on the corner opposite the Oddfellows Hall to sketch this historic 1912 building. It is a classic semi-flatiron style structure and the spacious sidewalk plaza kitty-corner from it provides a great vantage point. It is also easily accessible from the C-train station as the map shows. If you can make it, send me a message here. Being downtown, I think we could find a coffee shop or cafe after our sketching to spend some time together.

The Building



St. Patrick’s Island/ George C. King Bridge

**Please note. We will gather at the north side of the parkway near the Bridgeland Memorial C-Train station. But be warned if you are approaching from the downtown East Village side, the bridge is closed for repair and will be closed until early September at the earliest.**

Since coming to Calgary, I have always been attracted to the view of the bridge afforded from the Bow Valley Pathway, but have never ventured down to sketch it. The easiest access would be from the Bridgeland/Memorial C-train station. It;s only a 6 minute walk along the pathway to a couple of benches and the perfect vantage point. At 11:00 am, which is our usual time, the light hitting the bridge and the city buildings behind should be perfect.

There is also good access from the south side of the river, from the Simmons Building area of East Village. Whatever works. So, we gathered 11:00 am on Saturday, August 25, hoping for “NO SMOKE” at the benches on the Pathway shown on the attached map. A ton of sketch opportunities surround the area. Hope to see you there. Bring a friend!




The West Kerby Krawl

Good news folks. It turns out that Rod’s art show is actually next Sunday, not Saturday so we are on to meet up at the West Kerry C-train station next Saturday, August 18th. We will gather at 11:00 am in front of the Kerby Center, which is next to the eastbound side of the station. Check the map. Since this is Rod’s neck of the woods, we will let him point out the sketchable opportunities.

Hope to see you there. Once again, if you can make it, send a message from the Contact page. And hey, invite a friend! If you are coming from the west or south and plan to arrive by C-train, make sure you take the train bound for 69th St.