University city – Brentwood

Spend some time on Friday, sketching at Brentwood station. These block of colorful condo buildings at university city, are so prominent that they are visible from quiet a distance and help to orient you. I am curious why they are the only tall structures in this vicinity.

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San Francisco

This post is long overdue! Finally posting sketches from my trip to San Francisco. Sorry, I have not been posting frequently here. Trying to get back to sketching more and posting more often!

Couple of airport sketches at YYC international terminal

San Francisco – Pier 43 1/2

The ever bustling Fishermans’s Warf

Enjoying the breeze and the view from Ferry plaza – farmers market

Sketching the distant Alcatraz Island

Sketching in the winter

Winter that eluded us until February, is here with lots of snow and freeze! Unable to really spend a lot if time outside, I captured a few beautiful sunrises and sunsets from my cozy home. Here are a few winter sketches, from the past few weeks.

With warmer temperatures last week, I was able to go around the block and do some sketches of the neighborhood.

Sketching @Banker’s hall

As I was running late from a meeting on Saturday morning, I was able to start Saturday’s YYC-Usk session only around noon. Since I was late, I was notified that our group had moved to Banker’s hall for sketching.

Unable to find any fellow sketchers and not wanting to renege on my plans to sketch, I settled down next to a cozy window that overlooked 8th Ave, to sketch the unique galleria tree sculptures. Due to lack of time, my sketch does not capture adequately, these beautiful sculptures. (I intend to do more detailed sketches of these iconic sculptures of Calgary, at some point in the future)

Later as I munched on my lunch, I completed another sketch at the food court, before I was done for the day.

Here are few of my sketches.

Back alley @ Palomino smoke house

It was great meeting my favorite bunch of people and sketching on Saturday! As always I just planned on doing one detailed ink sketch and mess with the paints and washes at home. The back alley scene was interesting, as I got a worm’s eye view, as I sat on the curb to sketch. Lots of brick detail in the architecture giving a great character to the space.

On the way back home, as I waited at first street station, I sketched the front of Palomino smoke house that hides the secret alley we sketched at earlier. Watercolor washes were all done later at home. These are few of my sketches.

Sketching George C. King bridge

It was another great day of sketching. I started with a quick sketch of Memorial drive on the way to the GCK bridge. As I walked out of the bridgeland memorial station view of Memorial drive was captivating from the higher vantage point. After a quick, loose sketch of Memorial drive, I headed to GCK bridge for my next sketch. I tried to capture a panoramic view of the bridge and its surroundings. I spent the bulk of my time sketching this one view trying to get as many details in. To my disappointment, I notice an error in the bridge structure in my sketch as I started filling in watercolor wash at home. Well we all make mistakes and learn from them. Here are two of my sketches from Saturday.

Downtown West Kirby station

Taking a break from my usual commute sketching, to post some of my sketches from my first outing with the Calgary Urban Sketchers group. It was great to finally meet all the lovely people who have been working so hard to start and establish the Calgary urban sketchers group!

After brief introductions, we all quickly got to our spots to start sketching the West Kirby neighborhood. I started with a sketch of the West Kirby station, capturing the curved structure and glazing. After spending an hour on this sketch, I walk further west to get a good view of the Mewata Armoury. I tried to detail out the brick facade of the armoury as much as I could, constantly fighting the cold breeze. After spending 30 mins on the sketch and unable to work in the breeze, I decided to call it a day. I added watercolor wash to my sketches at home.


West Kirby station - full sketch

IMG_2687Mewata Armoury - full sketch

Its never boring on the train! I manage to find interesting subjects to draw everyday. Another bunch of characters, captured in sketches over the past few weeks.