Reader Rock Garden and Union Cemetery Outing

It was the perfect summer day, a warm sun in the open parts of the cemetery and delightfully cool spots in the lush vegetation and babbling water of the garden.

Members of the Calgary Association of Lifelong Learners joined in the activity with their sketchbooks.

This was my first time. The garden is amazing!


Many tombstones are carved from sandstone. Sadly they are eroding and will likely disappear in time. I focussed on the grave stone of Cordelia who’s inscription is still readable.


There are many more.


Our next sketchcrawl is Tuesday July 28 in the evening from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the Historic Trinity Lutheran Church, 840 3 Ave SW.

See you then!! Rod


4 sketches of Chinatown

It’s glorious summer in Calgary and the best time to sketch outside.

The Golden Inn has been in this location almost forty years making it an unpretentious landmark.


The Silver Dragon was the go to place for Dim Sum when we came back to Calgary thirty years ago.


Last year we Urban Sketchers met up in the Muze Cafe after sketching the lions on the bridge. Coffee comes with egg tarts and pork buns. I never would have noticed the fish and the dragon atop the roof edge of this corner building.


Now historically designated, the Canton Block ca. 1912 is one of the oldest structures in Chinatown. Simple and unpretentious but appealing is it’s brick facade.

IMG_7562 (1)

Keep sketching!


Three Churches

St. Stephens Anglican Church is uniquely clad in concrete block but has the traditional form and details of a British Norman style structure.

The Cathedral Church of the Redeemer Anglican, occupies a quiet piece of downtown and has cruder sandstone finish.

Knox United Church has a refined sandstone with elaborate detailing in the tower. It was once the tallest structure in Calgary.

See you soon!


Recent Sketches

Last month, at the peak of the stayhome era, I went through our travel photos, nostalgically, and found some scenes to re-create as well as to do some watercolour practice.

Anna in that beautiful village!


Ah Vicenza!!!! With more time I might have sketched this scene.stale_thumb_6e54UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_6e55

Kyoto had so much beauty!


This was my favourite,  a Sunday morning in Tokyo!



April was a bit cool but I managed to sneak in two Calgary sketches.



We shall meet together again….soon!


Memories of Italy

Looking back six months ago, it is catastrophic how much the world has changed and how much we took for granted.

These are my sketches in and around Venice.


Sitting anywhere but the cafés was not permitted so I sketched quickly and coloured up later.


Vicenza is a small city full of Palladian Architecture, and a delightful square where you can sit and sip Spritzers while you sketch!


Every house in Murano ( a traditional fishing town near Venice ) is washed in a distinctive colour. A watercolourist’s delight.


It was a wonderful view and an enduring memory.


Ontario sketches

Last October we visited Ontario and I was able to sketch three buildings, one in Toronto, a second in Waterloo and a third in Kitchener, my home town.


The Gooderham building is an iconic flatiron landmark inToronto.


The post office building is seen duplicated throughout the small cities and towns of southern Ontario clad in stone or brick or as here in combinations of both.

The Market Square building sits on the site of the old Farmer’s Market where as a kid my family would shop for fresh produce and summer sausage from the Amish farmers and their horse and buggy wagons.

Sketching at Home

Hi All,

Like most of us I have been socially distant and staying at home. This time of confinement can be an opportunity to practise skills or just have some sketching fun.

I started sketching commuters from photos taken a couple of weeks ago to meet the oneweek100people2020 sketching challenge. I did nowhere near 100 people but got me into a daily routine of drawing people.


After using up my commuter photos I made up people.


Mechanical pencil, HB and 4B on watercolour paper.

Stay home, wash your hands but have a little fun!




Padua is a small city about half an hour by train north of Venice. We had the chance to stay for over two weeks during which I was able to have great fun with my sketchbook. The Palazzo della Ragione ( The Palace of Reason ) has housed the Law courts on the upper level and a lively food market on the ground level for 800 years!


Padua was a walled city and some of the town gates still survive. Most sidewalks in the old city are covered by an arcade making walking easier in the heat of summer or a rainy day.


The Basilica of St. Anthony is a landmark in Padua, a massive church dedicated to a very humble man. I did a couple of sitting to complete these sketches. It was the many domes and spires that caught my eye.


Happy sketching!!!