Winter Sketching at Esker Foundation

Appalling weather, but 10 sketchers braved slippery roads and winter weather to meet at Esker Foundation. The gallery made us very welcome and provided an excellent reception for the event, including an interesting introduction to the processes and philanthropists behind the organization. The view of the city was partially obscured by blowing snow, but I am always impressed by the different approaches that people take; amazing results, as always! We wrapped up at Gravity Cafe, and discussed potential locations for future sessions. Thanks to all…





The Old Courthouse

It turns out that Watermark Tower is an excellent sketching location: easychairs and tables at hand, high end coffee and food court (and dangerously near to The Craft, where they were giving out free samples of their latest barrels, afterwards). I’ll check if The Watermark is open on weekends, the next time that I am nearby on a Saturday…


Informal Sketch Out at Watermark Tower

Not sure if anyone else would be interested, but I am planning to sketch the old courthouse from the Plus 15 level of Watermark Tower: 530 8th Ave SW, on Wednesday, January 30. 1.00-3.00pm (to miss the lunch rush). I’ll be near Cafe Artigiano. The spot is just west of Holt Renfrew, near the 4th street C train station. If you want to contact me you can text or phone me on 403 923 1630, but barring an emergency, I’ll be there.

(There are tons of soft chairs in non ideal locations. A stool might be handy if you want to be right against the glass)

Struggling with Winter

Well, struggling to capture the idea of winter, while looking through glass from a warm room!

The first sketch was done at Foothills Hospital, with steam blurring most of the horizon.

The second, from Brookfield Place during last weekend’s USK get together… Great conversation afterwards-I really enjoyed it. Not sure when we will be getting together next. Regardless, I will probably go sketching over the next few days if anyone else wants to join me, and we can get a message out.



Colonial Buildings in Adelaide

There are thousands of colonial buildings left in Australia, dating 1820-1920. The architecture is a unique blend of Victorian extravagance combined with practical wide verandas adopted from India, where many of the troops and diplomats were stationed. Almost all are protected by the National Trust or local bylaws. Entire streets and some neighborhoods retain their original streetscapes…

For some of these sketches it was over 40 degrees C! Fortunately, there is no shortage of outdoor cafes and bars.