Wallace Residence

On Sat. Nov. 1 I went to the Wallace Residence, a building recently designated a City-Wide Historic Resource by the Calgary Heritage Authority. This house is located in Bowness, and was once part of ‘Bowness Estates’ an upscale community designed by John Hextall in 1911. All by myself, I was only brave enough to do a very quick sketch in front of the house; but I took some photos and finished my pages at home.IMG_3602IMG_E3638 (1)IMG_E3643IMG_E3642

Odd Fellows Hall

I agree with Jim’s comments – this was a tricky building so I concentrated on the people sketching the building hoping that would help with the perspective. Then I turned to the Wonderland sculpture in front of the Bow Building. I learned that these two buildings were built 100 years apart – Odd Fellows Hall in 1912 and The Bow Building in 2012.

Afterwards we met in a nearby Starbucks for a sketch review….always great to see how everyone approached this building differently.

Here is my attempt….it’s a very busy page spread….


Bomber Command Museum, Nanton

Although I did not make it to sketch with the group this past Saturday, my husband and I took the opportunity to visit the Bomber Command Museum in Nanton for the Dambusters 75th Anniversary Commemoration. There were lots of speakers, movie clips and other interesting things to occupy my husband’s attention while I sat and sketched the Lancaster Bomber. My uncle was a Lancaster pilot during WW II, so I felt I had a small connection to this event. At 3:30pm they fired up all four engines and it was loud! It took me so long to sketch the plane that I had to finish painting it at home. 🙂