Tentative Return

We are planning to take advantage of the Alberta government’s updated regulations on outdoor activities to host a tentative return to sketching in June. Our first meetup would be a week from today, and is entirely weather-dependent as outdoor venues are all that we’re considering for obvious reasons. For now we will not be posting an extended calendar of dates, and will take things in small steps, with two meetups planned initially for the upcoming Saturdays, June 6th and 13th.

Some considerations from the regulations to note are as follows:

  • Above all else, please stay home if you feel unwell, uncomfortable or are exhibiting any symptoms
  • We are limited to no more than 50 people, which we likely not surpass, but all the same, please RSVP if you can on the Facebook group so that we can gauge ahead of time how many people to expect.
  • Maintain a physical distance of 2 metres at all times and please do not share equipment. Given that we will be all sitting in place for an extended period, please spread out as much as possible.

Obviously this means we will not be having group sketch photos or coffee afterwards, but either way it will be a marked improvement from nothing!

Please check the events and the Facebook pages to stay apprised of any changes, and stay safe!

COVID-19 Update: Postponing All Meet Ups Until Further Notice

Further to the post from last weekend, we will be suspending all of our previously scheduled meet ups until directed by the government, and are encouraging all our members to self-isolate at this time.

We hope that this hiatus is brief and look forward to when we can all safely sketch together again. In the meantime, it’s lovely to see all the posts of sketching from home (here and on our Facebook page). Keep them coming and stay safe everyone!

Event Cancellations

In light of the recent events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the sketching meetup scheduled for this Sunday at the Devonian Gardens will be cancelled. While the province has advised cancelling all events involving 250 people or more, and ours fall well under that threshold, we still thought it would be in everyone’s best interest to do our part and help limit community exposure and encourage self-isolation.

We will provide subsequent updates on our events over the following weeks taking our cues from the City of Calgary and other levels of government as the situation evolves. That being said, the sketch-from-your-vehicle event scheduled for March 21st could end up being fairly apropos, even if it means skipping out on coffee afterwards. 

Stay safe and stay tuned and hopefully everybody can have a cozy weekend indoors instead. We thank everyone for their patience and understanding during this time.

Another Scheduling Change

Due to the pending snow this weekend(!?) we will not be meeting in Edworthy Park this Saturday. Angels Cafe is not really spacious enough for all of us to crash on a Saturday, so instead the plan is to meet at Market Mall for some indoor sketching. Meet at 11am near the Starbucks at the south entrance, and we will wander through the mall doing 20 minute window sketches for quick sketching practice!

Schedule Updates and Cancellations

The meetups for October have now been added to our Events for Sketchers page, so please check them out and be sure to update your calendar! We’re switching to Saturdays now as the season cools down; it’s getting too cold (and soon to be dark) to comfortably sketch in the evenings, unfortunately.

On a related note, sadly tonight’s planned sketch at the Wolfe and the Sparrows statue in Inglewood is being preemptively cancelled due to the cold and rain in the forecast. See you next Saturday instead!

September Schedule Posted!

The sketching meetups for next month are now up on our Events for Sketchers page, so check them out and mark your calendars! We have some great meetups planned, including a reattempt at the iconic Chicken On The Way in Kensington, which was a disappointment to be rained out on back in June. Looking forward to trying some low-light sketching at the Inglewood Night Market, a trip back to the Stephen Avenue back alley (see some of the great views from last summer in Peter’s and Suma’s posts) some new public art in Inglewood and a recently reopened fixture of Edworthy Park!

Hope to see everyone soon, and stay posted for October’s schedule as we transition into the cooler months in Calgary.

Downtown Sketch Crawl – West End Sculptures, July 27th

Tomorrow is our second sketch crawl of the summer, and I almost forgot to update everybody about it! In case you missed the one on June 22nd, the general idea of a sketch crawl is that everyone spreads out along a roughly predetermined route, and meets up at the end to share their series of sketches from the crawl. The emphasis is on trying quicker sketches of multiple subjects over the allotted time.

Following up on June’s theme, we’re going to be showcasing the public art and sculptures around the west side of downtown. Using resources like the Downtown Art Walk brochure, and the City of Calgary public art map, choose a few different subjects generally west of 2nd Street and plan your route; anything goes! Aim to start at 10am, and a good plan would be to try to rotate locations every half hour, or whatever you’re comfortable with. We also heard back from some people after the last sketch crawl that would have preferred to travel as a group from sculpture to sculpture. If so, then plan to meet at 10am at the Ascension statue at 4 Ave and 9 St SW.

By 1pm, everyone will reconvene back at the Ascension statue (time budget your day if you wish to sketch it) and probably head out to grab a coffee nearby. This event has unfortunately caught all the Calgary admins away with conflicting schedules: Rod is in Amsterdam at the global Urban Sketchers symposium, Belinda is on vacation and my wife and I are busy with a week-old newborn! So look for other familiar faces and have fun! 

The forecast is predicting a beautiful day, so pack your sunscreen and a water bottle, and try to pick some spots in the shade!

Stampede Sketch Postponed

Yahoo, Stampede is here! Unfortunately, a pretty soggy forecast has followed suit. In light of the predicted precipitation during tonight’s sketch at Scotsman’s Hill overlooking the Stampede Grounds, and given that that location is very exposed, we’ve decided to postpone this sketch to Wednesday the 10th. Hopefully the weather cooperates by then!

July – August Sketching Calendar

Sorry that this is up so late; I know people were waiting patiently to find out where we’re off to next. I’ll post a duplicate copy in the events page as per usual. See you all soon!

Friday, July 5 (6-8pm) – Scotsman’s Hill, Salisbury St SE, overlooking the Stampede grounds. In case of inclement weather, event cancelled.

Saturday, July 13 (10am-12:30pm) – Centre Street Bridge, either from the upper bridge deck or from Rotary Park, 617 1 St NE (depending on the vantage you prefer). Meet up at the end of the sketch at the south end of the bridge on the east side; if you choose to sketch the bridge from Rotary Park, you can park on the street at the south end. In case of inclement weather, meet in the +15 over 8 AV, between Bankers Hall & The Core shopping centre.

Wednesday July 17 (6-8pm) – Calgary Rowing Club, North Glenmore Park Rd, SW. Meet on the upper, public deck overlooking the water; you can bring your own stool. Parking lot at club is busy, so park in the nearby North Glenmore Parking Lot A. In case of inclement weather, event cancelled.

Saturday, July 27 (10am-1pm) – West Downtown Sculpture Sketch Crawl – we will post more details closer to the event on the main page; consider pre-planning your route. For people wanting to meet up at the start, meet at the Ascension statue at 4 Ave & 9 St SW. Otherwise plan to meet back at the Ascension statue at the end to share sketches.

Saturday, August 3 (10am-12pm) – Heritage Park Plaza in front of Gasoline Alley, 1900 Heritage Dr SW. No park admission required, as we are meeting and sketching just outside the gates. In case of inclement weather, bring cash and we will go inside Gasoline Alley to sketch the vintage automobiles.

Friday, August 9 (5:30-7:30pm) – McDougall Centre, 455 6 St SW. Meet after sketching at the water feature. In case of inclement weather, event cancelled.

Tuesday, August 13 (6:30-8:30pm) – ATCO Park, 5302 Forand St SW. Building closes at 5pm, so we are sketching the exterior. In case of inclement weather, event cancelled.

Saturday, August 24 (10am-1pm) – Reader Rock Garden, 325 25 Ave SE. Free parking at bottom of park on the west side of the hill. Meet at the end of the 3 hours in the cafe. In case of inclement weather, we will meet later in the day at Banded Peak Brewery.

Thursday, August 29 (6:30-8:30pm) – Nose Hill Park, 14 St NW. Meet at 6pm in the parking lot off 14 St, north of the Calgary Winter Club. Views of Downtown or sketch grasslands. In case of inclement weather, event cancelled.

Chicken on the Way cancelled

The weather is not going to help us out today, so I’m afraid we have to cancel tonight’s meetup at Chicken on the Way in Kensington. We were hoping to be outside, as there is less to draw (and absolutely no space to do so) on the inside, so we’ll try to add this in for later in the year; I know a lot of people were looking forward to it.

Incidentally, I discovered International Sketch a Chicken week is not only a thing, but it happens to be this week, so that makes it all the more disappointing to cancel on tonight!