Admittedly not directly relevant to urban sketching, but just in case self-isolating is starting to get a little monotonous, there is a free Strathmore workshop starting on May 4. It is called “Drawing portraits” and can be found at http://www.strathmoreartiststudio.com

The actual site address begins with “https://” but WordPress didn’t add the “s” and you can ignore the “&#8221”

Signing up is optional, but is required if you want to post your work to their site as you follow along.

There is another workshop called “Creative watercoloring” coming up in September, but hopefully we’ll be back to normal by then.

Calgary Urban Sketchers at Thorncliffe Library – January 2020

The Calgary Urban Sketchers group has another opportunity to display our sketches. The Thorncliffe branch of the Calgary Public Library will have some display space available in January 2020, and thanks to Rod Zillman’s efforts, we can be part of it.

I am posting this note to solicit sketches, primarily of Calgary, from the members of the Calgary Urban Sketchers group. We are looking for contributions from all members of the group, as long as they are urban sketches from the Calgary area.

Sketchbooks can be taken to the print shop at any Calgary Staples store, and the staff will scan the sketch or sketches you have selected, crop and resize as you wish, and print on foamcore (also known as foamboard) in the size you specify. Letter size is the most popular so far, but there is also room for 11″ x 17″ inch prints if you so desire. Both Landscape and Portrait formats are appropriate. Typical processing time is 2 to 4 days and the cost is quite reasonable. You keep your original sketches.

We will attach mounting clips on the backs of the sketches with scotch tape, so the prints will not be damaged. One to four sketches per member, mounted on foamcore, would be ideal. Please sign your prints (at least on the back) so you receive credit for your work and so we know who to return the prints to at the end of January.

We are anticipating that we will be able to mount the prints at the library on or about Jan 3, which is a Friday. With the holidays fast approaching, time is short to get the prints made. You can also submit the foamcore prints from our August 2019 display at the Central Library if you wish.

Please let the Calgary Urban Sketchers website administrators know how many prints you wish to display, and the sizes of the prints, using the website’s “Contact” tab (calgaryurbansketchers.com) by Thursday Dec 19 at the latest.

Rod Zillman will be collecting the prints for this exhibit. The easiest way to get your prints to Rod is to catch him at one of the two remaining urban sketch events this year (see the “Events for Sketchers” tab on our website for details).

This is our time! Let’s make it an event to remember.

Calgary Unban Sketchers at Calgary Central Library

Calgary Urban Sketchers has prints of the work of eight artists on display at Calgary’s Central Library for the month of August 2019. Thirty two works of various sizes are hanging on the “Calgary’s Story” wall on the 4th floor of the library. If you’re at the library, why not go up to the 4th floor and take a look?

A photo wouldn’t do them justice, seeing them in person is much better.

The works will be hanging until the morning of Friday August 30.