Sketches from Sister City Sketching Event #4 – Theme Bernard Callebaut

Happy Valentines. Thanks to everyone who participated!!

Next sketch is February 28 (Sunday). Sketch the movie theatre façade at Chinook Mall from your vehicle.

A gentle reminder that a sketch of an object is not an urban sketch. A sketch of the object including the background to show its location is an urban sketch.

Great job everyone. Take care and stay safe! 🎨🎨🎨

Jim G -The store closest to me (17th Ave and 8th St SW) appears to be closed permanently, and with the cold weather, I decided to take a photo of the store and sketch from the photo at home. Took about 2 hrs 15 min, so pretty close to a regular outing, but technically not an urban sketch. Heavy sigh.
Janice B – My covid evidence…sigh…
Sue K
Gabrielle A
David H
Belinda R -Thursday between appointments I sketched Bernard Callebaut’s shop front at Dalhousie. Added text and values at home. Who knew vehicles are so hard to draw🤭 You see them everyday, but when you really “see” them, they are complicated. My first attempt looked like the vehicle was inside the shop🤣
Ellis B -I was as disappointed in my drawing as I was in the chocolates. These are impossible to eat without dripping the sweet liqueur all over yourself. The cherry inside is a little dried fruit.  They come with a warning that they still contain the pit! The individual wrap is fancy with a turned in edge.  Next year I’m going to get Lowey’s  Cherry Blossoms at a huge saving. (Yes they are still available in Canada.)

Rod Z – Yesterday I walked the neighbourhood looking for a local scene but found the people waiting for the train in the cold to be interesting. Took photos and then did rapid sketches as if I were on site.


Relaxed Rule on Drawing From Direct Observation

You may have noticed this mentioned in the post from USk Edmonton Themes post for February. I checked with Yvonne R to find out where her information came from as I could not find an official announcement. Here is her response.

“USk hasn’t “officially” endorsed sketching from photographs (you won’t find this info recorded in print) but I listened in to a Zoom meeting of chapter admins where it came up in discussion. USk’s position still adheres to the manifesto but, recognizing the extremely unusual circumstances, is allowing local chapters to make decisions about drawing from photographs as an alternative. Their position is that as long as people are sketching local sites, even from a photograph, they’re exercising their creative muscles and contributing to their own mental health. Several chapter admins in that meeting had already made drawing from photos an option in their areas and the USk admin acknowledged the value.”

I encourage you to sketch from direct observation as much as possible, but if that means you are not sketching at all, then by all means sketch from a photo of a LOCAL sitePlease mark your sketch as NON USK, so other members know it is from a photo.

Remember this is still a “sketch”, please do not submit work you have taken many, many hours to complete. The idea is to get the “feeling” of the subject in a loose and not overworked manner. Save your “Rembrandts” for other Facebook pages.😉

Sister City Sketching Event #4 – Theme Bernard Callebaut

Feb 8 – Feb 14 noon

For those new to this event, the week leading up to the second Saturday, thru the winter, Calgary USk’s are going to be collaborating with the Edmonton USk’s by sketching the same theme.

You can sketch any time you get time, up to and including Feb 14. You can even submit a sketch done from the past.

The theme is Bernard Callebaut. According to Yvonne R, from USK Edmonton, the idea for Callebaut is to draw the location of a chocolate or candy shop. My spin, is anything chocolate. 😋😍

Requirement are:
1. Stick to the theme. If not possible see bullet 4.
2. Submit your theme sketch to by noon Feb 14 (.jpg format preferred). I discovered I can also grab your sketch from Facebook.
3. Capture from direct observation. Not from a photo or an image. Even though the rules are being unofficially relaxed, I encourage you to sketch from direct observation. If you can’t, please mark your sketch with NON USK.
4. Of course you don’t have to follow the theme, just sketch something. anything and submit it. 😊

Received images will be posted on our CalgaryUSk’s website, as per normal. It would be great if you also posted your sketches on the Calgary USk Facebook page. This can be done anytime, hoping this will inspire others to participate.

If you have any theme ideas for future months, please enter in comments.

Note: You are welcome to sketch each theme through the month, and again, it would be great if you posted them on our Facebook page and/or website.

Looking forward to seeing your sketches!!!! 🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨

Website Update

🥳🥳The website is still standing for a bit. 🥳🥳

We will be working on the transition, and hope to have made the conversion to the WordPress free platform by summer. We will keep you posted. You will continue to get updates as per normal on this website.

Thank you for your patience as we make this change.

Sketching From Your Vehicle – Max Bell Centre Outing

What an excellent day! Superb weather for January🌞🌞🌞. Due to COVID the parking lot was empty, so you could have a pick of any scenario. You could either geek out on the building or the sprawling city landscape. Something for everyone. A spot to visit again.

Thanks Valarie for the group photos.

February Events will be posted shortly.

Take care and stay safe🎨

Important Website News

A fee is paid to WordPress for this site platform, and we are moving it to a free site platform, still with WordPress.

This is going to happen tomorrow. We are not entirely sure what that will mean. We could loose all past content. But while we get this figured out, if you only use this site, and not Facebook, email me and I will let you know of upcoming events, I believe this includes, Rod Z & Sue K???

And who knows, the transition may be seamless🤔

Thank you for your patience while we make this transition.

Sketching From Your Vehicle – Max Bell Centre or City Skyline

Saturday, Jan 30 Noon – 2:00

Note Time Change: Time is moved up an hour to catch the warmer part of the day.

Description: There are some spectacular views of our city skyline from either of the two parking lots at Max Bell Centre. Max Bell Centre is also interesting with its vibrant colors and many angles. Possibly the Firestone towering tank overlooking the Max Bell Centre will interest you.

Meet: Find a spot and start to sketch from the comfort of your vehicle, then we will meet at 2:15 at the west end of the lower parking lot. If more than 10 people arrive, we will break into two groups, well distanced from each other.

If you are not comfortable meeting, or go during the week, send your sketch to Belinda Ramscar by noon Jan 31. Email address listed on our web page. jpg format preferred.

Inclement Weather: If snowing or below -20 Celsius, event will be cancelled.

Don’t forget your masks!!! Must be worn when we can not maintain the proper social distance, especially when we are meeting at the end for the photo op.
Please stay home if you feel unwell, uncomfortable or are exhibiting any symptoms.

View from top parking lot

View from bottom parking lot

View from back of building

Impromptu Sketch Tomorrow – Jan 22 at 1:00pm – Stampede Elm Tree

Ever heard of the Stampede Elm Tree???? I found out about this tree in a recent work newsletter. It is over 100 years old, and is going to be moved to make room for our new arena. (No comment😶) I am going to check out the site tomorrow afternoon to see if it would be a good spot for a vehicle sketch outing. I plan on staying for a couple of hours to sketch this majestic tree. Here is the blurb. Map and picture of tree below. Hope to see you there!!

The Stampede Elm Tree — The Stampede Elm, also known as the Victoria Park Tree, has watched over Calgary for over a century. This iconic tree has witnessed the expansion of the Calgary Stampede grounds and the construction of the Saddle Dome during the 1980’s. After surviving over one hundred years of development, the tree must be removed to make way for the new Event Centre. Calgary Parks has been working to find ways to preserve this historic resource. We are working with Calgary Municipal Land Corporation to assess the feasibility to move the elm to Enoch Park. We have collected seedlings and seeds to grow at our nursery to plant as public trees throughout Calgary. We have worked with a lab in BC to get tissue cultures from cuttings to make clones for propagation.

Finally, we connected with the University of Calgary’s Archeology and Anthropology Department to create a 3D rendering of this impressive tree. This way, regardless of the success of all the above attempts to preserve the tree, we will have a lasting image of the Stampede Elm. You can view a video of the 3D rendering here.