My Apologies


To those of you that came to the meeting place at 12:30 on Saturday, July 13, and found no one there, I apologize.  We forgot the time and left the area prior 12:30.  I am so sorry.  We will be more mindful in the future.  Hope to see you at a sketch soon.  🙂  Wednesday evening perhaps at Calgary Rowing Club.  See Events for Sketchers for more info.

Sketch Crawl – Sculptures – East End

What a beautiful day to be out sketching.  Considering the weather the day prior, we were very fortunate.   The number that attended was low, but feedback was positive.  For those of you who did not attend, could you please comment as to why so we know whether to have another event like this in 2020.  Maybe you don’t like to sketch alone, or the day or time does not work for you, or maybe you wanted to attend, but had other plans.  We are open to format changes for this type of event, and other events.  We do have a sketch crawl for the west end scheduled at the end of July, so if you want to give it a try……

See you Thursday evening for sketching the iconic Chicken on the Way chicken and building.  Hopefully the weather cooperates.

July and August schedule will be posted soon.


A Pleasant Morning at Connaught Park

2019 June 15

Arrived early and grabbed a coffee.  I did two sketches.  Started a 20 minute sketch before the others arrived.  This statue is a replica of a soapstone carving, which is originally 14 cm tall.  This statue is part of the Civic Art Collection.


In my second sketch I am playing around with preparing my support prior to the event.  I used watercolor and some gesso.  I applied using a combination of brush, knife and stamping.  I like how it allows me to relax, and I can just concentrate on the drawing.   I added thicker pen at home and some marker for shadows.  I also added plant material to the planter, poor thing only has a couple of weeds 😦



Eau Claire Market

2019 May 4 – Saturday

It was a great day, despite the weather.  Will this snow ever end?????  I managed to get 3 sketches done.

First, I arrived early, and did a 20 minute sketch at Good Earth with Deborah.20190505_124859

Then I sat with Pam, and we sketched the fruits in front of Island Food.  I forgot my watercolors, so Pam lent me hers  (thanks again Pam).  To start, I decided to just add splashes of color where I thought the items were, then I drew with ink, and used markers to add shading.  I am pleased to say very few pencils lines were used.  🙂  I discovered, that bananas are super hard to draw.

And while the initial watercolor was drying I sketched this guy in pencil.  I went back and forth between the two.   I added the shading at home.



The Old & The New

A great evening sketching from Harley Hotchkiss Gardens on Tuesday.  I believe we had 9 people.  The evening was warm, and it felt fabulous to be sketching outside.  The last 3 outings I have started with a small thumbnail to help settle me down, & figure out what I am seeing, well most of what I am seeing (LOL).  I have noticed it has also helped me simplify what I sketch.


Playing With Fonts

Every week I say, “I will post, I will make that commitment”.  Well here we go.  I played around with some fonts to add more interest to the story.  The first two are from our outing to the Glenbow Museum – Free First Thursday Event.  Oh man, so many people, but we persevered.  These are 20 minute sketches.  The third is our outing two Saturday’s ago at Suncor.  Thanks Jeff for getting us permission to sketch here.