South Africa

Hello Everyone

South Africa is a lovely country to visit, especially as they don’t have any of this white stuff on the ground.  I only completed 2 longer sketches, as we were on the move quite a bit.  But……


…I purchased an accordion sketchbook, and did a 20 – 30 minute sketch each day, without fail.  I used colored felt tip pens, a different color for each sketch.  I have included some of my favorites.  For some sketches, I used two pages.

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Devonian Gardens

+9C outside, but plenty warm in Calgary’s one hectare botanical garden.  Among the trees and plants is also a 84 sq meter living wall, water features, koi pond, wooden masks, and a playground for the kids.  We were treated to people voluntarily playing the grande piano.  Lovely environment.

First sketched an area of the garden, then went back after coffee with the gang to practice sketching people.  Experimented with watercolor pencils, nice quick way to get color down.  Love doing one line gesture drawings.

For those of you not from Caglary, the average high at this time of year is +17C.



Calgary Urban Sketching Workshops

For the last 4 Saturdays I have participated in an Urban Sketching Workshop facilitated by Mark Vazques-Mackay and his wife Carmen.  Each day starts with a quick lesson from Mark, followed by plenty of individual instruction and attention throughout the day.

Here is a sampling of some of my sketches.

Week 1 – Sketching in a back alley in Kensington
Lougheed House
Week 2 – Inside Lougheed House



Week 2 – Outside Lougheed House
Week 3 – View from Bell Studio – Container Park
Week 3 – People Sketching at Bell Studio
Week 4 – From Plus 15 overlooking 1 ST SE

The next 4 lessons are Deep Skylines and Cityscapes in Bridgeland, Quick Capturing of Urban Organic Structures in West Village, Historic Buildings of Inglewood with Texture and Tone, and finally Mark Making in Industrial Ramsey.   It has been a blast, and I have learned so much.  If you wish to join us you can contact Mark thru his website Studio Vazquez-Mackay.