Update: Mosque Tour and Sketch Event Time Change

Please note the time of the August 28 sketch has changed!!!

Same start time, end time is now 12:40, Photo Op now 12:45

I was able to book a tour at the Baitun Nur Mosque. It starts at 13:30 sharp. By finishing earlier, you will have time to drop your supplies off at your vehicles, and just walk over, and be at the entrance by 1:15. There will be a short presentation first, then the tour. They are having prayers at 14:00 so our tour will be interrupted, but we are welcome to observe the prayers. Note: no shoes are allowed in the prayer hall. They have scheduled us until 15:00 to finish the tour and for questions. You are always welcome to start sketching early.

Mask are mandatory inside the Mosque.
If you forget, they have some at the door.

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