Sketching Event: Prairie Winds Park, with several views including Baitun Nur Mosque

August 28, Saturday
10:30 – 12:30, Photo Op 12:45

223 Castleridge Blvd NE

Description: Prairie Winds Park opened 1990 September 8, and between 2014 – 2017 was renovated. At the south end is a huge hill, which you can climb be either going straight up or by following the path that goes up the west side of the hill. From this hill are two great views, the Baitun Nur Mosque or of downtown Calgary. Also there is an interesting public art installation on the top of the hill, Seed Pod by Incipio Modo.

For a bit of trivia, Rod Z, one our administrators, was involved with the design drawings of the mosque. He tells me, “The repeating inset arches evoke the traditional Islamic architectural motif. Originally they were set in precast concrete but due to cost they were changed to stucco on built up layers of foam insulation. The bulk of the building is a rectangular box except for the dome, which is expressed on the inside main hall, and the minaret. Both are iconic.”
I am working on getting us a tour at the end of this sketching event. I will post to let you know if it comes to fortition.

Meeting Place: Park in the south parking lot. Find a spot and start sketching when you arrive. Feel free to arrive earlier. Plan to meet up at 13:05 at the bottom of the hill, south side.

Here are some pictures I took while checking the place out. Also Google to see images of how spectacular this building is in the right light.

Inclement Weather: Event will be cancelled.

Please stay home if you feel unwell, exhibiting any COVID symptoms, or are uncomfortable meeting in a group where some may or may not be wearing a mask.

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