Outing Sketches: Backside of Calgary Brewing & Malting Co. Site

I have been eyeing this spot for a while, and finally we made it. 12 people joined the event. We managed to find shade next to semi-trailers parked on the south side๐ŸŒž๐Ÿ˜Ž

The building has loads of personality!!!! You could see exposed sandstone, windows with arches that were covered over, and a tree growing on the roof. We were on the YYC flight path for a bit, just had to pause and dream about being on one again. Pigeons must have had a loft there, as they made an appearance once in a while. You could hear the trains shunting back and forth, whistle blowing once in a while.

Definitely a spot to go back to, interesting views wherever you sat.

Next event is June 26 – Glenmore Dam area, upper and lower.

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