Final Update: Elm Tree Sketch Saturday May 29 – 09:00 – 16:00 – Unofficial Event

🌳Here is a great opportunity to sketch history🌳

Arrangements have been made so that the parking lot, that the elm tree is in, will be open to us for free. Open hours are from 09:00 to 16:00. Consider parking on the east side of the parking lot, so all can have a good view of the tree with the downtown and/or the Saddledome as a backdrop.

You are welcome to sketch the tree at any time that works for you during the day.

This is NOT an official event.  There will be no set time or photo op.

If you could send me pics of your sketches by noon, Sunday, May 30, I will post on our website.  You are welcome to post on our FB page. My email is on the home page.

When on site, please have lots of room between you and your fellow sketchers.  Wear your mask if you cannot maintain proper distancing.  Stay home if you are not feeling well.  

If you are one of the early ones, and the parking lot is closed, private message me or email me, and I will make some phone calls.  

🎨Enjoy the day🎨

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