Display of YYC Urban Sketchers Sketches – Rosso Coffee Roasters – 8th Avenue SE


Opportunity: Maureen B, Rosso Design & Marketing

Organizers: Jim G & Deb D & Belinda R

A plan: Jim designed formats for both walls

Hanging Method: Deb crafted a system

Place: Two big red walls at Rosso Coffee Roasters


This project has been in the making since 2020 Feb 9, when we were presented with the opportunity to hang our sketches.  2021 Feb was to be the month.  In November 2020 Jim put out a call to have sketchers submit their sketches.  13 artists heard the call, which I find amusing as that is our average attendance to a sketching event.  Due to COVID, Rosso on 8th had been closed, but recently reopened to foot traffic.  Maureen gave Jim the word we could hang our sketches on May 5th. 

There are a total of 39 prints.

The display will be up for a month at least. If you are in the area please drop by, and look at yours and your members accomplishments.  I unabashedly say, “I am so proud to be part of such a talented and friendly group”.

I just seen this quote, “We cannot predict the value our work will provide to the world. That’s fine. It is not our job to judge our own work. It is our job to create it, to pour ourselves into it, and to master our craft as best we can.”  James Clear


Bare walls and plans in the ready.

Plans for wall one and for wall two.

You must start with a straight line!!
The first sketch to go up!

With Jim’s layout and Deb’s masterful hanging system the prints went up lickety-split. I was in the background drinking Rosso’s coffee, making sure the sketches were straight!!! Just kidding, my official job was “stick the tack in the hanger thingy”😁

Final Display πŸ’–

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