Sketches from Sister City Sketching Event #4 – Theme Bernard Callebaut

Happy Valentines. Thanks to everyone who participated!!

Next sketch is February 28 (Sunday). Sketch the movie theatre façade at Chinook Mall from your vehicle.

A gentle reminder that a sketch of an object is not an urban sketch. A sketch of the object including the background to show its location is an urban sketch.

Great job everyone. Take care and stay safe! 🎨🎨🎨

Jim G -The store closest to me (17th Ave and 8th St SW) appears to be closed permanently, and with the cold weather, I decided to take a photo of the store and sketch from the photo at home. Took about 2 hrs 15 min, so pretty close to a regular outing, but technically not an urban sketch. Heavy sigh.
Janice B – My covid evidence…sigh…
Sue K
Gabrielle A
David H
Belinda R -Thursday between appointments I sketched Bernard Callebaut’s shop front at Dalhousie. Added text and values at home. Who knew vehicles are so hard to draw🤭 You see them everyday, but when you really “see” them, they are complicated. My first attempt looked like the vehicle was inside the shop🤣
Ellis B -I was as disappointed in my drawing as I was in the chocolates. These are impossible to eat without dripping the sweet liqueur all over yourself. The cherry inside is a little dried fruit.  They come with a warning that they still contain the pit! The individual wrap is fancy with a turned in edge.  Next year I’m going to get Lowey’s  Cherry Blossoms at a huge saving. (Yes they are still available in Canada.)

Rod Z – Yesterday I walked the neighbourhood looking for a local scene but found the people waiting for the train in the cold to be interesting. Took photos and then did rapid sketches as if I were on site.

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