Sister City Sketching Event #4 – Theme Bernard Callebaut

Feb 8 – Feb 14 noon

For those new to this event, the week leading up to the second Saturday, thru the winter, Calgary USk’s are going to be collaborating with the Edmonton USk’s by sketching the same theme.

You can sketch any time you get time, up to and including Feb 14. You can even submit a sketch done from the past.

The theme is Bernard Callebaut. According to Yvonne R, from USK Edmonton, the idea for Callebaut is to draw the location of a chocolate or candy shop. My spin, is anything chocolate. 😋😍

Requirement are:
1. Stick to the theme. If not possible see bullet 4.
2. Submit your theme sketch to by noon Feb 14 (.jpg format preferred). I discovered I can also grab your sketch from Facebook.
3. Capture from direct observation. Not from a photo or an image. Even though the rules are being unofficially relaxed, I encourage you to sketch from direct observation. If you can’t, please mark your sketch with NON USK.
4. Of course you don’t have to follow the theme, just sketch something. anything and submit it. 😊

Received images will be posted on our CalgaryUSk’s website, as per normal. It would be great if you also posted your sketches on the Calgary USk Facebook page. This can be done anytime, hoping this will inspire others to participate.

If you have any theme ideas for future months, please enter in comments.

Note: You are welcome to sketch each theme through the month, and again, it would be great if you posted them on our Facebook page and/or website.

Looking forward to seeing your sketches!!!! 🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨

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