Impromptu Sketch Tomorrow – Jan 22 at 1:00pm – Stampede Elm Tree

Ever heard of the Stampede Elm Tree???? I found out about this tree in a recent work newsletter. It is over 100 years old, and is going to be moved to make room for our new arena. (No comment😶) I am going to check out the site tomorrow afternoon to see if it would be a good spot for a vehicle sketch outing. I plan on staying for a couple of hours to sketch this majestic tree. Here is the blurb. Map and picture of tree below. Hope to see you there!!

The Stampede Elm Tree — The Stampede Elm, also known as the Victoria Park Tree, has watched over Calgary for over a century. This iconic tree has witnessed the expansion of the Calgary Stampede grounds and the construction of the Saddle Dome during the 1980’s. After surviving over one hundred years of development, the tree must be removed to make way for the new Event Centre. Calgary Parks has been working to find ways to preserve this historic resource. We are working with Calgary Municipal Land Corporation to assess the feasibility to move the elm to Enoch Park. We have collected seedlings and seeds to grow at our nursery to plant as public trees throughout Calgary. We have worked with a lab in BC to get tissue cultures from cuttings to make clones for propagation.

Finally, we connected with the University of Calgary’s Archeology and Anthropology Department to create a 3D rendering of this impressive tree. This way, regardless of the success of all the above attempts to preserve the tree, we will have a lasting image of the Stampede Elm. You can view a video of the 3D rendering here.

3 thoughts on “Impromptu Sketch Tomorrow – Jan 22 at 1:00pm – Stampede Elm Tree”

  1. Learn something new every day Belinda. Impressive tree to try and sketch…🤔 for me anyway. Looking forward to seeing what you can do with this. Lucie

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  2. Hi!
    My girls and I are headed here this morning to finish our novel Wishtree and to do some sketching.
    My girls are heart broken that a tree like this will be removed for a new arena.
    Do you have any info on the status of that project? I would love to see what my girls can do to advocate for the tree.


    1. Hello Sheena. Hope you had a good day out sketching. The tree is being moved, and I have been told many seedlings have been taken and will be planted at various locations in the city. It seems that moving a tree that size is very possible, and has been done around the world. They will move it when it is leaf. That is all I know, but if you want further info you could try and contact Calgary Municipal Land Corporation as they are involved in developing this area.


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