Sister Sketching Event #3 – Theme CONSTRUCTION

Huge THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this weeks event.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Too beautiful not to be out and about!🌞 I find it intriguing how the YYC Sketchers literally go out and look for their theme, where as the YEG Sketchers have used the word in a different context to be able to sketch from their homes. Love it!!!

It would be great to see submissions from more YYC sketchers, I know you are out there!!!!!

If you have any suggestions to make this event even more successful, please comment below, or fire me an email. As always, looking for ideas for the coming months.

Next event is to be January 30 at cSPACE. Let’s hope the lockdown is lifted by then.

Great job everyone. Take care and stay safe🎨🎨🎨

Janice B
Chris M

Sue K

David H

Ellis B
Jim J
Gabrielle A
Lucie O’R

Rod Z

Deb D

Belinda R

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