Inglewood Haunted Houses Outing

Fifteen hearty souls joined in the haunting today. Some haunted from their vehicles, and some braved the elements. I was one of them who braved it, and let me tell you it was frigging cold when the sun was behind a cloud🥶. Having a metal mechanical pencil did not help☹.

Next outing, Nov 14, we will be trying something new. Collaborating with the Edmonton Urban Sketchers every 2nd Saturday during the winter, we are going to sketch the same theme during the same time frame. We are calling it the Sister City Sketch.   Themes will be posted at the beginning of the month.  You must capture from direct observation, not from a photo or image. This can be in your home, or out and about. You are welcome to participate all month. If you have any ideas for themes, please submit to my email or comment below.

All events for November and December will be posted soon on our web page.

Stay well and safe🎨🎨🎨

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