Rocky Ridge YMCA – Outside

SATURDAY, 3 OCTOBER 2020 FROM 11:30-14:00

Note Time Change
Time is moved up an hour to catch the warmer part of the day.

IMPORTANT: This is an OUTSIDE event.
We do not have permission to sketch inside due to the presence of children.

Description: This area offers a lot of interest. From the building, fusing material and line; wet land area with a walking bridge, skate park, and two pieces of public art – Convergence & Flock.

Google ROCKY RIDGE YMCA and select IMAGES to see what is in the area.

Meet: Find a spot and start to sketch. Meet at 2:00 pm at the south entrance, outside. You will be facing Country Hills BV NW.

Inclement Weather: Event will not be rescheduled unless there is precipitation. If cool, this will be our first sketching from your vehicle event.

Don’t forget your masks!! Must be worn when we can not maintain the proper social distance, especially when we are meeting at the end for the photo op. Please stay home if you feel unwell, uncomfortable or are exhibiting any symptoms.

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