Sketch Outing: Crossroads Market – Outside Vendors

15 sketchers toughed out the smoky and chilly conditions. The wind had a bit of a bite, and it blew at us almost to the very end. We had a mother & daughter join us today. It was good fun to listen to their banter while encouraging each other. And welcome back Bob, so good to see you again.

Wow, what a busy place, the stream of cars never seemed to end. Such a bounty of fresh veggies and fruit. People were walking out with cases, not just bags, but cases!

Note: The sketch outing to Edworthy has been cancelled. Our evenings just are not long and warm enough. I will be moving it to a weekend in October.

October outings will be posted soon.

Keep the ideas coming in for winter sketching, inside and out. Of note, Plus 15 Network is mostly closed due to COVID on the weekends. I called to see they would make an exception for us, no go☹

Stay well and safe! 🎨🎨🎨

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