Sketch Outing: St Paul’s Anglican Church – Midnapore

21 sketchers came out to sketch, such a great showing!!! Some were even there before me, which is unheard of. 😀 The weather was perfect, Alberta true blue sky with a few white clouds to add interest to the sketches. We had a mix of mediums -acrylic (I believe), pencil, gauche and watercolor with pen. Such a diverse and talented group. There was an abundance of room to sketch. I believe this location was the noisiest we have ever sketched at. MacLeod Tr traffic, LRT bells, emergency/police sirens, and a guy on a weed wacker created an “urban” sound track for us. Surprisingly above the noise we saw and heard two predator birds screech above us. It is so great to live in a city where nature meets city.

Thanks to Mark C for scouting the site for us 👍, and thanks to Janice for being a prop for our sketches in our photo op😉.

Next sketch outing is sketching the outside vendors/building at Crossroads Market, Saturday, Sept 19. I will post here and on Facebook  with more details. In the meantime see Events for Sketchers tab on this website.

Keep the ideas coming in for winter sketching, inside and out.

Stay well and safe! 🎨🎨🎨

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