More Chinatown!


IMG_7611The Ho Lem Block’s brickwork caught my eye, especially the fully rounded arch. Its a humble structure built in 1911, scroll right to see its history.
I took extra time at home to do the signage and calligraphy. Its a little tedious but I like to do the details, I think it’s important!

q0KmCFwERGaRYYobfJ8IcA_thumb_7688The colourful and decorative architectural steel elements converted a 1970’s era office building with its angled walls and windows into an iconic landmark building.
The interior atrium is delightfully asian in shops and products.
We attended Chinese New Year banquets, weddings and hot pot dinners in the third floor Regency Palace restaurant.


I sat down to draw a building but ended up trying to capture the activity on the sidewalk in front of the building. I think this is Calgary’s only sidewalk market stall!!
The Chinese National League building was erected in 1954 although the league had been around much longer.
Sun Yat Sen was hosted by the League in 1911 during a visit to Calgary on a North American fund raising tour.


View along Centre St.
Never would have noticed the remnants of house roofs behind and above the store fronts housing the Wong Affinity Association.


These elderly ladies have been selling vegetables and some odds and ends on this patch of sidewalk for at least a couple of years.
I tried to sketch surreptitiously while sitting on a bench facing the street.
Pencil and watercolour!


The brick moon-gate!
This modest structure has been a landmark for decades. I have walked through it maybe a hundred times. Sitting in the shade at 26 degrees was a pleasant sketching activity.

Happy sketching!



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