Mount Royal University Outdoor Campus

Sunday, August 16 10:30 – 13:00

Start sketching right away, we will not meet at the start.
At 1:00 we will meet at the Two Chairs Sculpture near Lot 2.

Pam MacQuarrie has identified great spots to sketch on the campus grounds.
Wyckham House (Student Center), East & West Entrances have interesting modern architecture, Two Chairs Sculpture will test your talents, TransCanada Amphitheatre with pond and grassed steps will prepare you for trips to Europe, and finally there are several Gardens with sculptures to explore.

Search for Mount Royal College on Google Maps to get yourself oriented.

Here is the parking lot map:
Note: Mount Royal Circle road is barricaded so as to prevent cut-through traffic.

Below is what is posted on the main Transportation and Parking Page. Please double check prior to arriving.

On-Campus Parking Information:
Lot 2 at the West Gate entrance is accessible during weekdays and weekends. All other lots are closed until further notice. If you have to come to campus for any reason, you will not be charged to park. We are asking people to not gather in parking lots.

Please select GOING so members can see how many are attending. Don’t forget your masks, as it may be hard to social distance.

Inclement weather: Event will be cancelled & a new site will be picked for August 22.

Please stay home if you feel unwell, uncomfortable or are exhibiting any symptoms.

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