1st (?) Annual Road Trip – Black Diamond

August 9, Sunday: 09:30 – approx 16:00

We would like everyone to meet at Vales Greenhouse (Vales) Parking Lot at 9:30. It is here we will get a head count, discuss the day, and decide where and when to meet at the end of the day. Janice will also give you ideas on what to sketch in Black Diamond.

A TENTATIVE SCHEDULE could be to sketch at Vales first, take a lunch break, then sketch downtown, with Marv’s Classic Soda Shop being the highlight. This may be where you/we have lunch. Then at the end of the day meet for a photo op and give us feedback about the day.

Be prepared to stay as late as 4 if you plan to stay the day. Or come and go as you please. Always, always, make it your day!

Huge THANK YOU to Jancie for pulling this together!!

Search for Vales Greenhouse on Google Maps to get directions and travel time. From my home in Edgemont it is an hour drive.

http://valesgreenhouse.com/ Note that this is not a secure website.



If you do not have Facebook, please comment below if you are going so we know how many are attending. If you have Facebook, please select GOING on the event page. Don’t forget your masks, as it may be hard to social distance, especially in Marv’s. As noted by Janice, masks are not mandatory as of this posting in Black Diamond.

Inclement weather: Event will be cancelled & not be rescheduled.

Please stay home if you feel unwell, uncomfortable or are exhibiting any symptoms. https://www.alberta.ca/guidance-on-outdoor-activities.aspx

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