Black Diamond Road Trip – Date Change & Info

Date has been moved to Aug 9, Sunday

Date in Event of Sketchers tab will be updated Tuesday. Sketch Details will be posted mid week here and on Facebook.

This is our first road trip, so be patient as we are organizing on the fly. You can make this an all day event or come and go as you please. Two highlights will be Vales Green House and Marvs Classic Soda Shop/Black Diamond Main Street. No times have been set yet. We are thinking we will have an organized start by meeting at Vales Green House parking lot in the morning. Depending on the weather, you are welcome to start your day at Marvs/Main Street and not come to Vales first. When at Marvs you will be expected to order something to sit and sketch. We are thinking we will meet at the end of the day in Vales parking lot. How you want to break up your day will be up to you. Maybe some decisions can be made when we meet in the morning.

We are getting a count on who is going, and who is leaning towards going on Facebook. If you don’t have Facebook, please comment below which is true for you.

  • I am going.
  • I have not decided yet, but I am leaning towards going.

Stay cool, and safe.

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