Sketching Historical Trinity Lutheran Church

2020/07/28 – Tuesday Evening

Man that was hot 😎🌞 Accuweather tells me it was 29 Celsius, my car told me it was 31 Celsius. To top it off, very little breeze. Despite this, 11 souls found some shade, and hunkered down to sketch. Some sketched from the perimeter of the church, and some sketched from the churches garden. Fabulous work by all. This church was founded in 1899, and has been a cornerstone of the Eau Claire and downtown Calgary communities for over 100 years. 

We will meet again August 8. Road trip to Black Diamond! Janice Butterworth has kindly offered to host this event. She is working out the details, which will be posted here and onΒ FacebookΒ in the coming weeks. In the meantime see Events for Sketchers tab on this website.

Have a fabulous August long weekend. Stay well and safe, and see you soon!

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