Sketching Bow Valley Ranche Area – Fish Creek


Fourteen is the magic number so far.  Two new members joined us, welcome Patricia and Laurie.  YYC Urban Sketchers were splattered throughout the grounds.  Some sketched the Ranche House (Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant), some found a bench in the Artisan Gardens, and some found a view of the Foreman’s House (Annie’s Bakery Cafe).  Although the rain threatened, only a few drops materialized.  Mosquitoes where out to begin with then thankfully left.  Time to add mosquito spray to the kit!!!

Watch the Events for Sketchers tab on this website to see formal sketch outings in July.  They will be posted in the coming weeks.  If the weather behaves it is my intention to go back to Heritage Hall at SAIT on June 20.  I will post later in the week here and on Facebook.

Thanks everyone for selecting GOING on the Facebook page.

Stay well and safe, and see you soon!



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