Sketching in front of SAIT Heritage Building

Hello!  So nice to be writing this post again.  14, yes FOURTEEN, sketchers took in the day.  And what a day, we found a window between the rain, and even the sun embraced us for a while.  The grounds at SAIT were showing off, all the trees were in full bloom.  The building, very grand, oh my gosh,  was a challenge.  Soooo many little nuances.  It never ceases to amaze me how our sketchers can take on such a difficult subject, and create these amazing sketches in just 2 hours.  My sketch ended up in little eraser bits on the grass.  LOL 🙂

It is my intention to go back June 20 or 21 and try again.  I will post on our Facebook page & here if I go.  This will be an informal gathering.

As you can see by the images below, social distancing rules were respected.  These are not just landscape shots, but shots showing how spread out we were, in case that is a deciding factor on whether you attend or not.  For the image of all the sketches, sketchers were asked to put their book on the steps only if they were comfortable.  Each took a turn putting their book on the step.

Announcement:  I will be booking only 3 formally organized outings per month during July, Aug, Sept, Oct.  During the winter months I will book only 2 formally organized outings per month.  If you want to fill in the open weeks you are welcome to post here and/or on our Facebook page like Pam has in the past.

Next week:  Saturday, June 13 (11am-1pm):  The Ranche House, in Fish Creek Park, 15979 Bow Bottom Tr SE.  There are many things to sketch from the outside of the house, to the various other buildings, and neighbouring sculptures and gardens. I have heard from a couple of members it will be a great spot to sketch.  When you arrive, spread out from other sketchers and start sketching.  A bit of history: The Queen Anne style house was erected in 1896 by William Roper Hull, one of Calgary’s most prominent citizens. The house and 1,400 acres of the ranch now form part of Fish Creek Provincial Park. The Foreman’s House was restored and rehabilitated as Annie’s Cafe.  At 1 pm we will meet at Annie’s Cafe.  Maybe have an ice cream and photo op.  Social distancing will always be top of mind.  If raining, the event will be reschedule to June 27.

Note: You need to open the Event on Facebook to see who is all going, otherwise it may only show 1 person going, you 🙂

Stay well and safe, and see you next Saturday!



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