Sketching at Esker Fondation

Not sure about the rest of the group, but I was blown away by Katie Ohe’s work.  Before I went, it was, “Katie Ohe who?”.  Now it is, “KATIE OHE, I love her work, and she is a Calgarian, so fortunate”.  We are in the process of setting up another sketch session in April to again immerse ourselves in her work.  There is a lovely clip on the Esker website that shows the exhibition.

Next week we sketch at the Winter Garden, Jamieson Place, 308 4 Ave SW. The garden covers 25,000 sq feet which features various vegetation and a living wall with over 20,000 plants designed to represent the foothills and Canadian Rockies.  The garden also showcases art created by Dale Chihuly, a world-renowned glass sculptor. The chandeliers he created were assembled onsite and are comprised of more than 400 pieces of blown glass in soft tones of yellow, blue and amber. The piece was inspired by the idea of viewing a garden through an abstract glass flower.

Meet time and location: 10:15 sharp outside the 4 AV door of the Jamieson Place building.  Please be on time as security needs to let us in.

Sketch time: 10:30 to 13:30.  Bring your stool.


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