McMahon Stadium – From Your Car Sketch #2

8 sketchers attended this event.  At 2:00 the weather went from a +7C, to rain to snow.  Luckily by then we were at Nick’s Steakhouse enjoying a hot beverage.

McMahon Stadium is home to our beloved Calgary Stampeders.  The stadium was built in an astounding 103 days in 1960.  It was named after Calgary oilmen Frank and George McMahon,  who donated $300,000 to the construction of the stadium.  The stadium was also the location of the 1988 Winter Olympics opening and closing ceremonies.  There  has been talk to replace the stadium.

Next weeks sketch is Sunday at the Wild Rose Taproom.  We have been given permission to sketch the kettles in the back room where they craft their beer.    Bring your stool, space will be tight.  If you don’t have Facebook, comment here, to let me know if you will be staying afterwards so I have a head count to reserve a table..


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