Sketching The Core Christmas Trees

Eleven sketchers added to the merry festivities of The Core.  There were 151 Christmas Trees, all decorated in every imaginable way possible, Santa and his helpers, shoppers, happy and screaming children, and proud parents/friends/grandparents, shoppers watching youngsters perform on stage.  Christmas carols surrounded us.  It was a lovely afternoon.

Next week we will meet at the Livingston Building & sketch from their +15, which offers views of the Chinese Cultural Centre.  That will be our last sketch event until Jan 11.

Reminder: Bring  your scanned sketches  with you to give to Rod to display at the Thorncliffe Library in the New Year.  You can get your sketches scanned larger, and mounted on foam core at Staples.  If you have questions, email Rod at his email address on the main page of this web site.


One thought on “Sketching The Core Christmas Trees”

  1. Thanks for posting all the great pictures Belinda. It was a good session in a cheery environment. I am now attempting another drawing to see if I can improve on the first one which should not be difficult to do. 😂


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