2019 Year End Get Together

Eighteen sketchers enjoyed an afternoon of sketching, conversation and snacking, including our youngest aspiring member, Freddie, at 4 months old.  If he grows up to be an Architect, we know where he got his start 😉  Thank you Sandy for getting us the room, and Rod for manning the door.  Thank you Rod for your mini workshop on Perspective,  and Janice for your mini workshop on Fountain Pens and Inks.  There were a lot of great questions and answers 🙂

Next week we sketch Christmas Trees at The Core.

Note: A sketching event has been added to this month – Dec 21, Livingston Place.

Reminder: Bring  your scanned sketches  with you to give to Rod to display at the Thorncliffe Library in the New Year.  You can get your sketches scanned larger, and mounted on foam core at Staples.  If you have questions, email Rod at his email address on the main page of this web site.

One thought on “2019 Year End Get Together”

  1. What a great way to spend an afternoon. Excellent company, two professional level demonstrations, plus a smorgasbord at hand!

    I don’t get to many holiday functions, and this one was perfect. Set me up for the season…

    Many thanks!


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