Sketching From Our Vehicles

Eight sketchers took on the challenge, and feedback was positive.  Sketching trains and/or industrial areas were common themes for future sketches from our vehicles.  Always open to sketching ideas, inside and out.

For next week’s sketch we will meet just outside the Glenbow Museum entrance, where all the colorful furniture is. From there you can sketch the furniture, The Painters sculpture, or visit the area +15’s for views of either 9 Ave or Stephen Avenue, or various sculptures scattered about.


2 thoughts on “Sketching From Our Vehicles”

  1. So glad that the group is growing. I love seeing the postings and the new faces. But, oh my, I miss every one of you. Keep it up. You may yet see a new ‘Oceanside’ BC group. And if I make a trip back, I will be certain it’s on a week when I can join you again.


  2. Hello Peter. So nice to hear from you. We miss you as well, and do look forward to sketching with you soon. We were discussing sketching trains at the last event, and I thought to myself, “Peter would enjoy that”. Glad you dropped a note.


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