Sketches of public art in SW Calgary downtown

Yesterday was a beautiful and hot day for urban sketching. Five of us were out for the session, although I only met up with Pam at the end. The others had had enough of the heat by then. Below are the three sketches I was able to do before having to stop for lunch and a cool beverage.

Bird of Spring – Connaught Park: I used watercolour pencils to save time. The colour of the bird is a little too bright, but it was the best I had in my WC pencil set.

Bird of Spring

World War I Memorial – in front of Central Memorial Library: I did the pencil sketch and then the ink on site, and coloured it at home. The actual background trees are a frightfully dull gray-green, so I added some lighter greens to help the statue stand out.

World War I Memorial

Ascension – Just south of the Louise Bridge: I drew the foreground sculpture on site and added the background one (barely visible) this morning to complete the picture. Don’t worry, we aren’t being invaded by spiders from Mars. These guys only have three legs each.


Hope you like,



3 thoughts on “Sketches of public art in SW Calgary downtown”

  1. These are great! I really like the way that you have been using brighter colours lately, and contrasting them with white. It creates a lot of interest!


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