Downtown Sketch Crawl – West End Sculptures, July 27th

Tomorrow is our second sketch crawl of the summer, and I almost forgot to update everybody about it! In case you missed the one on June 22nd, the general idea of a sketch crawl is that everyone spreads out along a roughly predetermined route, and meets up at the end to share their series of sketches from the crawl. The emphasis is on trying quicker sketches of multiple subjects over the allotted time.

Following up on June’s theme, we’re going to be showcasing the public art and sculptures around the west side of downtown. Using resources like the Downtown Art Walk brochure, and the City of Calgary public art map, choose a few different subjects generally west of 2nd Street and plan your route; anything goes! Aim to start at 10am, and a good plan would be to try to rotate locations every half hour, or whatever you’re comfortable with. We also heard back from some people after the last sketch crawl that would have preferred to travel as a group from sculpture to sculpture. If so, then plan to meet at 10am at the Ascension statue at 4 Ave and 9 St SW.

By 1pm, everyone will reconvene back at the Ascension statue (time budget your day if you wish to sketch it) and probably head out to grab a coffee nearby. This event has unfortunately caught all the Calgary admins away with conflicting schedules: Rod is in Amsterdam at the global Urban Sketchers symposium, Belinda is on vacation and my wife and I are busy with a week-old newborn! So look for other familiar faces and have fun! 

The forecast is predicting a beautiful day, so pack your sunscreen and a water bottle, and try to pick some spots in the shade!

Author: Jeff Dickson

I'm an Urban Sketcher who lives in Calgary, Canada

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