Statues and Memories

Two sunny Saturday’s in a row was good luck! Sketching from Connaught Park on that Saturday was ideal!68ECF5FF-AEFC-4B8C-8886-963D25469922

There is so much public art downtown that we can do it again!


I think I maybe over coloured these ladies but it was a fun exercise.


I was a bit heart broken by all the turmoil in Hong Kong because I had a wonderful time there, sketching and socializing! These were done two years ago in an old fishing village.


I took a sketch break during our visit to the Stampede grounds and learned a little bit about the iconography of tipi paintings.


Can you tell that this sketch was done during Stampede week? It was done in two sittings and I enjoyed talking to our international visitors starting with their peeking over my shoulder.


I shall be attending the Urban Sketchers Symposium in Amsterdam in two weeks and will be happy to post photos of the event!

Thanks to Jim G. for collecting the mounted sketches and for connecting with the library.

Happy Sketching everyone!!!  Rod

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