Sketch Crawl – Sculptures – East End

What a beautiful day to be out sketching.  Considering the weather the day prior, we were very fortunate.   The number that attended was low, but feedback was positive.  For those of you who did not attend, could you please comment as to why so we know whether to have another event like this in 2020.  Maybe you don’t like to sketch alone, or the day or time does not work for you, or maybe you wanted to attend, but had other plans.  We are open to format changes for this type of event, and other events.  We do have a sketch crawl for the west end scheduled at the end of July, so if you want to give it a try……

See you Thursday evening for sketching the iconic Chicken on the Way chicken and building.  Hopefully the weather cooperates.

July and August schedule will be posted soon.


3 thoughts on “Sketch Crawl – Sculptures – East End”

  1. Thank you for your comment Kathleen. We are doing another one in July (events to be posted soon) and we will have a starting point for those who wish to sketch and move as a group.


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