Downtown Sketch Crawl – East End Sculptures, June 22nd

This Saturday, rain or shine, is a first for our Urban Sketchers group, but follows a different format than our usual: it’s a sketch crawl! The general idea is that everyone spreads out along a roughly predetermined route, and meets up at the end to share their series of sketches from the crawl. The emphasis is on trying quicker sketches of multiple subjects over the allotted time.

In this case, we’re going to be showcasing the public art and sculptures around the east side of downtown. Using resources like the Downtown Art Walk brochure, and the City of Calgary public art map, choose a few different subjects east of 2nd Street and plan your route; anything goes! Aim to start at 10am, and a good plan would be to try to rotate locations every half hour, or whatever you’re comfortable with.

By 1pm, everyone will convene in Olympic Plaza at the Famous Five Women are Persons! statue (plan to arrive before that if you wish to sketch it). Likely we’ll head over to a nearby coffee shop to compare sketches afterwards.

Given the forecast, you may want to pack an umbrella, but keep in mind how much of this art is sketchable from sheltered vantages and have fun exploring our city! Stay tuned at the end of July when we’ll tackle the West end sculptures!

Image result for women are persons statue calgary

Author: Jeff Dickson

I'm an Urban Sketcher who lives in Calgary, Canada

2 thoughts on “Downtown Sketch Crawl – East End Sculptures, June 22nd”

  1. I am excited about this sketching event. Already have my spots picked out. Sandy, hope you will be there to see your idea come to life 🙂


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