A Pleasant Morning at Connaught Park

2019 June 15

Arrived early and grabbed a coffee.  I did two sketches.  Started a 20 minute sketch before the others arrived.  This statue is a replica of a soapstone carving, which is originally 14 cm tall.  This statue is part of the Civic Art Collection.


In my second sketch I am playing around with preparing my support prior to the event.  I used watercolor and some gesso.  I applied using a combination of brush, knife and stamping.  I like how it allows me to relax, and I can just concentrate on the drawing.   I added thicker pen at home and some marker for shadows.  I also added plant material to the planter, poor thing only has a couple of weeds 😦



3 thoughts on “A Pleasant Morning at Connaught Park”

  1. Thank you Lucie. Hope you are keeping up your class with Mark. I used a piece of non slip material, like you put under something so does not slide around. Painted some watercolor on it and pressed it down.


  2. Your deli drawing is really interesting; especially the way you prestamped the paper. The result is very effective!


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