Three More Sketches

It was a cold day in May when we came downtown.I found a great spot on the plus 15, warm and dry, to capture these beauties. They are curved steel wind baffles to mitigate the wind tunnel effect of the large plus 15 bridge.

And they were so complicated that I spent my 90 minutes struggling with the line work and coloured it up at home!


At Barb Scot park I was drawn to the Carl Safran building, the stone work is amazing!!!


Another sand stone building that fascinates me is the McDougall Building. I did this one in two sittings, weeks apart.


Happy sketching!

I shall follow up with the logo soon……


4 thoughts on “Three More Sketches”

  1. I actually had the opportunity to walk by the McDougall building the other week. I was blown away. The water feature at the back is beautiful. Now I see why you rave about it so much. Will add to the list of places to sketch.


  2. Really nice sketch of the Carl Safran building. You really captured the sandstone.
    I am working on several logo designs and plan to email them to you later today. Hopefully it is not too late


  3. Wow, Rod! Your sketches are always amazing, but the curves on the Galleria Trees, and the reflections in the glass are impressive!


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