Pathetic Fallacy

From high school Shakespeare, pathetic fallacy occurs when the elements reflect the mood of the character…

I walked past the shuttered General Electric plant in Peterborough just as a storm approached. GE bought the 100 year old company that employed me for 28 years (Baker Hughes), stripped the cash and put the remainder up for sale. A dark subject to sketch; I expect there are restless ghosts on the shop floor…

5 thoughts on “Pathetic Fallacy”

  1. A well done sketch, especially for a sad memory. Sadly, we have lost many manufacturing plants as the world economy changed. On the brighter (???) side, you showed a real gift in capturing the pathetic fallacy so well.


    1. Thanks! You have been really prolific lately. I like the way you captured the last house, and am amazed how much detail you squeeze onto such a small page! You must have a steady hand!


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