Informal Sketch Session; Thursday, April 18. 1.00pm

The weather looks to be perfect on Thursday, so I am planning to sketch the Livery and Nash Hotel near 10 ave and 10 St SE (very close to Crown Surplus). I’ll probably stop in for a coffee at Gravity Cafe either before or after, depending…

If anyone is interested, please let me know. There is lots of parking in the area, but I’ll probably take the train to the City Hall station, then walk over through the East Village, just for the exercise… it takes about 15 minutes.

6 thoughts on “Informal Sketch Session; Thursday, April 18. 1.00pm”

    1. Please do. I’ll see you there. Are you familiar with the area? If not, I could meet you at Gravity Cafe and we can find a good view… bring a stool or chair if you have one.


  1. Good to see you! I met some of the tradesmen, and the owner of the new building We were near. It is being built by the woman that owns the Livery Shop, which will move across the street. The really cool thing is: the new building is being built on the site of an old school house, and the bricks have been moved out in a pattern by a tiny amount. When it snows, the flakes will outline the original shape of the schoolhouse…


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